Early Sneak Peek of Earth Blend by Lori Pescatore (Part Three)

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As I have mentioned in my last Sneak Peak post, Lori Pescatore, author of Human Blend, will be posting a short sneak peek of her second novel in the Blend series, Earth Blend, each Saturday on Facebook. As promised, today I am sharing with you all what Lori Pescatore posted during this past Saturday! Human Blend is a great read and I am really looking forward to the release of Earth Blend! If you have not yet read the first novel, please do so ASAP!

Here are the links to the last two sneak peaks in case you missed them!

Here is Lori Pescatore’s third sneak peek to Earth Blend!:

Earth Blend Chapter 1 Suron’s Story (Part 2)

by Lori Pescatore Author on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 1:11am
Percone understood the point Suron was trying to make but he was still not happy about the situation.
Percone: Why must I go? Can’t you get someone else to do it? What about Eli?
Percone gestured to another brethren standing nearby. He sneered at Eli. There was no brotherly love between the two. Percone felt Eli was favored by Suron. Eli constantly complained to Suron about the little tricks Percone liked to play on unsuspecting humans.
Suron: Eli has asked to take a place amongst the humans.
Percone: Really? Good. Let him suffer along with their kind.
Percone made sure to broadcast his last thought so that Eli could hear.
Eli: It can be no more painful than having to deal with the likes of you
on a daily basis.
Percone moved quickly, placing himself in front of Eli.
Percone: Or maybe you need to get away from the pain of losing her to me.
Eli: You tricked her. She would not have chosen you willingly.
Percone smirked as the ground began to shake around them.
Suron: This behavior stops now! I will not allow further escalation of your bickering.
Suron’s voice resonated within the two Earthlings
Suron: I will not tolerate this. Eli, please wait for me elsewhere. I will discuss your assimilation shortly. Percone, We need to finish our discussion.
Eli nodded slightly to Suron and escaped into the trees. Percone stared after his brother, his dark thoughts chasing after. He knew Eli had disabled the thought transfers between them, but that did not stop him from spewing his vile thoughts.
Percone: Someday, brother, you will make a mistake. Suron will hand down a just punishment against you and I will be there to laugh in your face.
Percone returned to face Suron.
Suron: I will not tolerate this animosity between the two of you.
We are bound together by creation and duty.
Percone: Will you give this same speech to Eli?
Suron: I do not favor him over you, Percone.
Percone did not believe Suron’s words but was already growing tired of the conversation. He gave a dismissive wave of his hand.
Percone: So, what is the situation with the new arrivals?
Suron: Their planet is under siege. They wish to seek refuge and attempt
to rebuild a new life for themselves.
Percone: Are they aware of the genetic makeup of the majority of humans that call our
 planet their home?
Suron: Yes. It is my understanding that they have the means to blend into any creature.
Percone: So, what role do I need to play in all of this?
Suron: The creatures arriving need to be educated in the ways of the humans
so they can properly meld into their society.
Percone: I still do not understand why you feel I should be the one to assist them.
I do not care for humans. Are you punishing me?
Suron believed assigning Percone this task would help build up his tolerance for humans. He decided not to share that thought with his brother.
Suron: It is not your place to question. Just do as I ask.
Percone: Don’t you mean ‘do as you order’?
Suron scowled at him and then grabbed Percone’s hands. He showed him a mental picture of where he was to rendezvous with the visitors. After sending the information, Suron turned to leave.
Suron: I expect an update when our sun is at its highest point (Source).

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