Random Magic by Sasha Soren

Title: Random Magic

Author: Sasha Soren
Publisher: Beach Books LLC
Format: Paperback
Pages: 420
Publication Date: January 1, 2010
Overall: 5/5 
Source: Random Magic Tour: Pirates!
When absent-minded Professor Random misplaces the main character from Alice in Wonderland, young Henry Witherspoon must book-jump to fetch Alice before chaos theory kicks in and the world vanishes. Along the way he meets Winnie Flapjack, a wit-cracking doodle witch with nothing to her name but a magic feather and a plan. Such as it is. Henry and Winnie brave the Dark Queen, whatwolves, pirates, Struths, and fluttersmoths, Priscilla and Charybdis, obnoxiously cheerful vampires, Baron Samedi, a nine-dimensional cat, and one perpetually inebriated Muse to rescue Alice and save the world by tea time.
 My Review:
After misplacing Alice from the pages of Alice in Wonderland, Henry is sent off by Professor Random into the pages of another book to find her.  Henry lands in the story, forgetting his compass, and now having no way to get back. Upon arrival, he meets Winnie Flapjack, a doodle-witch who agrees to help him on his quest to find Alice.
Together the pair search high and low, encounter strange creatures in forests, seek help by vampires, face a group of pirates, and challenge a furious red queen, to find Alice. Will they be able to find her before the sand in the hourglass runs out and save the world by tea time?
Winnie is definitely my favorite character of the many presented in Random Magic. She is brave, determined, witty, and always one step ahead of everything, no matter how confusing her reasoning may be. I wish I could spend a day in Winnie’s thoughts and see the world as she does. Henry came in close second for me; he was an interesting character and I truly enjoyed watching him grow as a character, evolving from a scarred and shy little boy into a courageous young man.
My favorite elements of the story are the vividly described settings and the brilliant way Sasha Soren integrates characters from other stories and myths into Random Magic. I appreciate the whole concept of incorporating Alice from Alice in Wonderland without it actually having the same storyline or a remake of the story. I enjoyed seeing Alice being presented in a different light instead of the fairy-tale we are all used to. Random Magic follows Henry and Winnie’s adventure in finding Alice, where Alice is more of a secondary character who finds herself in a different book than where she belongs.
Sasha Soren is a wonderful story teller that has a unique writing style. She created a magical world, enchanting, imaginative and filled with fun and adventure. Her readers will feel as though they are taken along for the ride, side by side with Henry and Winnie throughout their journey. Sasha Soren’s novel is wonderfully random and captivating, which stays true to the title of Random Magic.
After reading this novel, I can undoubtedly say that I believe in Random Magic. I would definitely recommend Random Magic to anyone who enjoys Young Adult fiction, with lots of fun, magic, and adventure.
Must Read!!! Loved it!!!
**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it.**
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