A Second Chance at Forever by Liz Strange

Title: A Second Chance at Forever (The Dark Kiss Trilogy: Book 2)

Author: Liz Strange
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Format: e-book
Publication Date: July 5, 2010
Overall: 4/5 
Source: From author for review.
Forever is a long time to live without love. After enduring a sequence of tragic events, Rachel is forced to start over without her beloved Giovanni. Relocation to San Francisco with vampires Eli and Charles is the second chance at life she feels she needs. With the help of immortal allies, Rachel, Eli and Charles initiate a brutal showdown with the Desmarais, avenging Giovanni-s death and removing the threat to all vampire kind. But after making the most unexpected discovery, she knows lines have been crossed and things may never be that same for any of them.
 My Review:
*May contain spoilers if you have not yet read the first novel, My Love Eternal*
After having left her life and all she once knew to become a vampire, Rachel finds herself in San Francisco living with others like herself, Eli and Charles. While attempting to create a new life in San Francisco, she tries to deal with the grief of losing her lover and creator, Giovanni. Rachel seeks comfort in the arms of Eli, however, unable to give herself up entirely as she cannot move on from the loss of Giovanni just yet. Eli is prepared to wait for Rachel, as he cannot deny his feelings for her.
Although everything seems to be going well, things take a dramatic twist when members of the Desmarais family show up in town. The Desmarais is a family of vampire hunters that carry a century-long vendetta against their kind. Together they decide to bring everything to an end, gathering a large group of vampires who set aside their differences and prepare for battle against the Desmarais.
My favorite elements of the A Second Chance at Forever were once again the background stories of the vampires presented in the novel. The addition of new characters brought more depth to the story, making it very enjoyable to read. Another aspect I enjoyed was the ending, I did not predict how it would end and I truly enjoyed the surprise. I must also point out that I really like the covers of both novels.
I admire Liz Strange’s ability to incorporate powerful emotions love, friendship, and loyalty which are illustrated through the characters of the novel and within her writing. After having read My Love Eternal and A Second Chance at Forever, I can honestly say that I look forward to reading the final novel in The Dark Kiss Trilogy, Born of Blood and Retribution.
Please note that there are some scenes that may not be appropriate for all readers as they present graphic violence and intimacy.
I recommend this novel to those who enjoy Adult fiction and Paranormal Romance.
An Enjoyable Read, Well Written, Recommended
**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it.**
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