My Love Eternal by Liz Strange

Title: My Love Eternal (The Dark Kiss Trilogy: Book 1)
Author: Liz Strange
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Format: e-book
Publication Date: July 1, 2010
Overall: 4/5 
Source: From author for review.
Blood, sex and eternal life… What more could a girl ask for?

Tall, dark, and sexy, as well as fabulously wealthy, Giovanni is everything a girl could ask for in a lover. There’s only one catch. He’s been undead for more than three hundred years. When Rachel is drawn into Giovanni’s world, she learns that the rules of human existence mean nothing in the world of vampires. This, however, is a fair price to pay for a love that will last forever.

Hunted by the Desmarais family, who carry a centuries-old vendetta, Rachel and Giovanni travel to the ends of the earth in order to stay one step ahead. Can their love survive, or will their eternity together end?

Content Warning: Violence, sexual encounters with the undead.
 My Review:
The opening scene presents a woman named Rachel who is working late one evening, and is alone in her office in the late hours of the evening. A man named Giovanni passes by and stops at her door, introducing himself and asking her odd questions about her work and about herself. Although she has never met the man before and he seems very strange, she cannot help but feel drawn to him. Coincidentally, after the man leaves, Rachel runs into the building’s guard and is informed that several patients have died that evening without cause.
Rachel soon discovers that the deaths had some very strange elements in common; the patients had great amounts of blood loss and were all also terminal patients. Could this man have been the cause of their deaths?
Giovanni is a handsome man, however feels extremely lonely with no one to share his emotions. He believes that he can never allow himself to experience true love due to his curse of being a vampire. This all changes the instant he meets Rachel, and he feels that he must have her as his mate.
Rachel becomes obsessed with the idea that Giovanni may be a vampire and wants to face him. What will happen when Rachel discovers the truth?
My Love Eternal is a wonderful tale about a woman and a vampire who cannot resist the fact that they are drawn to each other. From the very instant they meet at the hospital where Rachel works, sparks fly between the two characters. The novel is filled with powerful emotions such as passion, love, and hatred.
My favorite aspect of this novel was how Liz Strange presented Rachel as a woman with great strength, yet has a vulnerable side to her as well. I also enjoyed Giovanni’s background story of how he became a vampire. The ending was definitely surprising which made me want to read the second installment immediately after finishing My Love Eternal.
Liz Strange portrays the characters as two broken individuals who find strength in each other.  Although they are very passionate for one another, the world around them brings trouble and chaos but they fight together until the very end.
Please note that there are some scenes that may not be appropriate for all readers as they present graphic violence and intimacy. My Love Eternal is the first novel in The Dark Kiss Trilogy, followed by A Second Chance at Forever and Born of Blood and Retribution.
I recommend this novel to those who enjoy Adult fiction and Paranormal Romance.
An Enjoyable Read, Well Written, Recommended
**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it.**
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