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Please welcome once again Laurie Bowler! She has kindly agreed to revisit the blog to discuss her newest release, Order of Blood.

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When I first thought of writing Order of Blood the idea stemmed from Moon Rising which is where the character Hervidor was first written and created. It was due to his cruelty in Moon Rising that I then chose to produce his own story, and in his own words exactly what happened. I feel it covers a lot of information to Nessy’s (the lead character in Moon Rising) capture and how she came to be imprisoned in the first place.
Order of Blood covers the entire Tellis family, their sinister intentions and the revenge they lust for towards the Gulon race, in particular Abram, who is Nessy’s father and the leader of the Gulon.
The Gulons themselves are a Scandinavian legend and I stumbled across them while I was trying to research on a new refreshing idea to add into my story, I knew from the start of Moon Rising leading into Order of blood that I didn’t want to have werewolves. So, the Gulons appeared on a Google page I was looking at, and I found them fascinating, not all of their traits they are known for have been written into Order of Blood or the Moon Rising series, they have been adapted to fit the theme and to create a brand new race.
The book itself is fast paced, with some romance elements attached but it’s part of a horrible plan to ensnare Nessy and to make a believer out of Abram. Hervidor is the most powerful of his own kind, he is the King with many talents that the Gulons aren’t aware of! He is by far the cruellest, most sinister and detestable character I have ever written but the storyline has been an impressive build to see how it all turns out for both races, the fight for survival begins. The plan is executed and many lives are at stake, along with the reputations of the most notorious leaders any race has ever come across.
I enjoyed writing this thrilling novel, and it has inspired me to write more on the Gulons, I think they deserve their own series after being featured in so many before. So far, they have been featured in Moon Rising, Sunrise to Sunset and Golden Horizons, and now Order of Blood. They are amazing creatures to write about, and are so different compared to the werewolves clan that are often written about.
 Order of Blood by Laurie Bowler:
Title: Order of Blood
Author: Laurie Bowler
Publishing Date: August 28th, 2011
Hervidor Tellis is intent on the revenge and humiliation of the Gulons, one in particular; Abram. For centuries the Gulons have patrolled and ruled the lands around his home, taking the lives and the food from the vampire race and leaving them without choice.
Nessy aka Marinette, Abram’s daughter holds Hervidor’s attentions as he makes the daring plan a reality, taking her heart and enforcing the vampire race and the strength of his race, being the king the survival lay heavily upon him and so did their survival against the Gulons.

The Gulons ruled by Abram, the greatest pack leader that ever existed, holds the chance to diminish the vampire race to nothing but dust, but then finds his daughter the sole captivating feature in the vampire kings world. Racing to head him off before he can humiliate and kill his daughter for his own revengeful sinister lust, will he find Nessy in time to be able to save her life and the save the future of the Gulon race?
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