Book Buying Ban!

Hello everyone!
Okay, I have been saying this for a while now, and I have tried this once before,
I am finally taking the step to go on a Book Buying Ban *pouts*..
Yes, that’s right.. No more book buying at least until I get more reading done.
I have 300+ books on my To Be Read Bookshelf ย 
from buying too many from online book sales…
and I really need to work on getting the number down.

The books I’m talking about are only the ones I’ve bought,
ย  but my review pile is under control! YAY!

Here is where I’ll be needing your help!
Do you have any tricks, tips, suggestions on how to stay true to my ban?
I’ll start by not buying books for a whole 2 weeks then add another 2
every time I make it through those weeks.
MY GOAL: Bring TBR Bookshelf down to 200 books.
I may also do a couple of giveaways to help me clear my shelves faster ;).
How does that sound?
I was also wondering if any of you are open to me having a few giveaways
with used or damaged books?
Happy reading until next time!