(Guest Review) Shimmerspell by Kimberly Spencer

Title: Shimmerspell

Author: Kimberly Spencer
Format: ebook
Publication Date: April 8, 2011
Overall: 5/5
Source: From author for review.

When sixteen-year-old Jensen Meadows finds herself caught in the middle of an ancient faerie war, she soon learns that faeries aren’t made of sparkly goodness. They’re vicious. And worse, they’re after her. With the help of Liam Casey, she delves into their world to find her missing sister and begins to suspect that her whole life has been nothing more than a faerie tale.

But maybe some truths should never be revealed…

 Jenny’s Review:
This short story is about 16 year old Jenson, who finds herself caught up in whole new world to what she is used to. She discovers things about herself and her past that she never thought possible. She discovers people and the world as she knows it is very different, and needs to learn how to deal with everything that is happening.
I found that this book was amazing, and enchanting from the very beginning. Wanting to know what was going to come next, and what was going to happen to Jensons family and friends, also what else she was going to discover about herself, friends, family and the world around her. I found that this was a well written young adult story, and that I really want to find out what happens next.
I enjoyed learning about the characters, the background story and the adventure Jenson was going on. I loved the subtle humor and how well written and easy to read the book was.
Overall I give this short story a 5/5 as I loved it from the beginning, and want to know what’s going to happen next. I think younger readers will enjoy this faerie tale and will be enchanted by the characters and the writing.
**Please Note: This review is an honest opinion and no monetary compensation was received.**
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Reviewed By: Jenny Needham