(Guest Review) Transparent Lovers by Scott Nicholson

Title: Transparent Lovers

Author: Scott Nicholson
Publisher: Haunted Computer Books
Format: ebook
Publication Date: January 31st, 2001
Overall: 4/5
Source: From author for review.
Private investigator Richard Steele must solve his most difficult case ever—his own murder—while caught between women on both sides of the grave. His lover Lee is tangled up in the mess he left behind, and his dead ex-wife has been waiting on the other side for her chance at revenge.

In a race against time as his spirit slips away, Richard confronts his many, many failings and faces a power beyond his understanding–love.

And it’s going to be a hell of a final showdown.

 Jenny’s Review:
This short story is about Richard, and his struggles with his failings and beliefs that he had in his previous existence. He struggles with old and new relationships, and the time limit he has to solve his own murder before he is buried. This story tells how he deals with past, present and future problems in his old life as well as his new life.
I really enjoyed reading this short story. I found that I was interested in finding out how Richard was going to deal with all the problems, both past, present and future. I enjoyed the learning curves he went through, both in discovering what he can do in his new life and how he can come to terms with his old one. Dealing with both his loves past and present, and how he comes to his understanding of love. I found that I really wanted to know how everything turned out in the end for everyone involved.
I loved his perpetual problems with staying alive, and dealing with all his many love issues. I felt it was a compelling book that was well written and carried a certain amount of a moral tale.
I gave this book an overall 4/5. I found it interesting, compelling and stimulating. A definite good short story read for people with limited time on their hands. You really did want to find out what was going to happen to the characters, and the story was well written.
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Reviewed By: Jenny Needham