Seven by Paige Agnew

Title: Seven

Author: Paige Agnew
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: February 10, 2011
Overall: 4/5 
Source: The YP Publishing For Review
Seven strangers.
Seven stories
One purpose.
One horrible thing in common-kidnapped. When seven people are pulled from their ordinary lives to be pawns in a madman’s game of chess, the only way they will make it out alive is to put aside their differences and work together to escape to freedom.
One chance to not only save their lives, but to change them in ways they’d never even imagined possible.
Seven is a fiction, mystery, and suspense-thriller. Seven tells the story of seven people whose lives come together because of a kidnapper. The story of each individual is separate until the time they all come together, by force. Two characters are escaping an abusive childhood home. Another character is an attorney without much direction. Two other characters are teenagers in love. There is also a mom who specializes in taking care of everyone else. And, then there is a dark character who only wants to be left alone. In the book there are clues (or things that appear to be clues) that takes the reader on twists and turns, thus building the suspense. A common thread, as in Starless Sky, is self exploration among both the teens and the adults in the book. Each of the seven characters is forced to look at their own talents and lives in order to escape. Not
all of them are willing. So, will they all be freed from the grips of the kidnapper?
 My Review:
Meet the characters, Cecelia, Tommy, Greg, Kale, Hazel, and Kariann.
The story begins with Cecelia and Tommy. After the death of her mother, Cecelia is in the care of an alcoholic and drug addicted mother. In their new town, Cecelia meets and befriends a boy name Tommy, whose mother leaves and is left on his own to deal with his abusive father. One day Cecelia and Tommy gain the courage to run away together escape their abusive childhood, winding up in a filthy motel room…
Greg is a successful attorney who never loses a case and always sees the truth in people. After the birth of his nephew, Greg begins to hallucinate, seeing numbers encircled in fire on people he encounters. During his recent case, Greg hallucinates again, then hits his head and blacks out…
Kale and Hazel are two teens who care deeply for one another. Hazel’s parents act as though she isn’t there, and all she wants is for them to care. Hazel crosses the road to get something she dropped, when unexpectedly she gets hit by a speeding car…
Kariann is a single mother, who keeps being take advantage of her sister and ex-boyfriend, the father of her son Noah. She just wishes that for once she could stand up for herself and not let people walk over her all the time…
Jonathan has it all, girls, popularity, and is great in sports, however, he always seems to mess things up with everyone he encounters. His girlfriend breaks up with him for hiding secrets and he does everything he can to ruin his relationship with his father. What could be worse? He finds out his friend is involved in a robbery and the partner in crime is holding a gun to his head once he discovers the truth…
Although they are strangers, each person affects another in some way. In the end, these strangers all have one thing in common, and they are forced to uncover what that is…
I personally enjoyed trying to uncover what these characters had in common, and why they were each selected to be part of this ‘social experiment’. Seven kept me in suspense throughout the novel, slowly revealing details and pieces of the puzzle.
I also appreciate how the secondary characters played important roles in shaping the main characters. The detailed background stories of the main characters are realistic that describe relatable situations and issues that are present in society. Some of the heavy issues Paige Agnew incorporates in Seven include, alcoholism, love, abuse, and sacrifice. I believe that readers can take away many lessons learned that are presented by the characters through the challenges they overcome.
Being an author at such a young age is definitely a wonderful accomplishment and I believe Paige Agnew should be commended for taking the step to publishing her own novel. I cannot wait to read more of the author’s work!
I recommend Seven to those who enjoy Young Adult Fiction and Thrillers.
An Enjoyable Read, Well Written, Recommended
**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it.**
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