Smokeless Fire by Samantha Young

Title: Smokeless Fire (Fire Spirits: Book 1)

Author: Samantha Young
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: October 21, 2011
Overall: 5/5 
Source: ARC From Author, For Review
Fear the Heat…

For the last two years Ari’s life has been anything but normal and on her 18th birthday, when her friends surprise her with a gimmick genie claiming to grant wishes, Ari discovers the truth. The tragic and strange occurrences surrounding her 16th birthday were not coincidental and her life is never going to be the same again.

Ari’s real parents are not normal. They are not loving. They are not human.

They are myth.

They are Smokeless Fire.

They are Jinn.

 My Review:
Never having known her mother, her father always away on business, and her best friend Charlie growing more distant since the death of his brother, Ari Johnson doesn’t know how more she can take.
Ari just wishes that she could be normal, but she soon finds out that she’s anything but that. On her eighteenth birthday, Ari discovers dark hidden secrets that have long been kept away from her.
Jinn are extremely powerful creatures with magical abilities and who deeply enjoy being at the center of chaos. When Ari discovers that she’s a Jinn, her already complicated life turns even more upside-down, putting everyone around her grave danger…
The whole concept of Jinn (Genies) in Smokeless Fire definitely stood out and made it such a wonderful and enjoying read. As a lover of the paranormal, the unique elements presented in the story were very exciting to read and had me flipping through the pages all in one sitting. I have to admit that I don’t usually finish reading a book in just one sitting so that alone says a lot!
I loved all the characters presented in Smokeless Fire, namely Jai, Ari, and Charlie, in that order. Behind the tough act, Jai is very caring (even if he doesn’t want anyone to know that, especially Ari). There are similarities between Jai and Ari that I won’t go much into detail, but I do believe that they make these two characters perfect for each other. I am hoping to see more chemistry develop between Jai and Ari in the next installment! Ari is a strong character, and definitely dramatic at times, but she is very easy to relate to. I did feel very sympathetic with Ari and Charlie, Ari’s whole life was a lie, and Charlie is going through a rough time trying to deal with the loss of his brother, which all in all puts a strain on their friendship.
I am also a big fan of love triangles and the one presented in Smokeless Fire is no exception. Action packed throughout and leading to a cliffhanger ending will leave readers wanting more!
I cannot believe that I have not read Samantha Young’s work before reading this novel. Samantha Young is a very talented author who captures her readers with the details of this enchanting world presented in Smokeless Fire.
Smokeless Fire is the first installment in Samantha Young’s Fire Spirit series, and I can definitely say that I cannot wait to read the next installment!
I recommend Smokeless Fire to Young Adult readers.
Must Read! Highly Recommended!
**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it.**
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