(Author Signing) Melissa de la Cruz!!!

Hello fellow book lovers!
I have some wonderfully exciting news that I want to share with you!
Each year, Montreal holds a huge book event that’s open to the public (for a small fee $6 Student – $8 General) that lasts for 4-5 days. There are a ton of author signings and it’s also a place where publishers sell books at their given booths (600+ booths)!
While most of the authors that attend this event are French, there are also some English authors present who’s books get translated and published in French. 
This year was the very first time I attended “Le Salon du Livre de Montreal” where I had the pleasure of meeting and getting my books signed by such an wonderful author: MELISSA DE LA CRUZ! *SQUEE!*

Melissa de la Cruz was invited to attend this year’s “Le Salon du Livre de Montreal” for a book signing!!! The image you see above is the schedule for her signings.
I attended the event yesterday with my awesome Montreal book blogger friend Cindy at Cindy’s Love of books. Cindy and I have been planning to meet up for the event, go for brunch and some book shopping afterward!

We decided to meet up before the signing so that we can be the first in line to meet Melissa de la Cruz! During our wait, I decided to take a few pictures of the display of French books in her Blue Bloods series!

Aren’t the covers SOOO pretty? I kept telling Cindy that I was tempted to buy the series in French too lol! After waiting about 20 minutes, we see Melissa de la Cruz arriving just a few minutes before the signing! (Now you can imagine both Cindy and I starting to get all giddy and excited as Melissa walks towards her post just in front of us!)
Here’s a photo of me and Melissa de la Cruz!!!
Melissa was so sweet and great to talk to! She signed all the books I had from her, and even some white labels so that I can stick them on when I get the rest of her books (in paperback format to match the series!).

Here are the books, labels, and bookmark Melissa signed! *SQUEE!*

Here are the extra five labels Melissa signed for me so that i can stick them on the rest of her books in the series once they are available in paperback format!

Here’s a bookmark Melissa was giving out and signing for those who attended.
On one side, you can find all the Blue Bloods books with French covers.

Here’s the other side where she signed!
It has the cover of Bloody Valentine in French!

Melissa’s French publicist handed out some really cute little gift boxes to

Cindy and I while we were talking to Melissa. I’m not sure if everyone who waited
in line got a gift box, but this was incredibly sweet and really appreciated!

Inside the gift box, there was a mascara and lip gloss (Products by Estee Lauter)!!!

**Thank you so much to Melissa’s rep for these really wonderful gifts!!!**


On our way out, we stopped by the Scholastic booth and chatted with one of the publicists there! I don’t have any pictures from the Scholastic booth, but I will be seeing the wonderful people from Scholastic Canada once again tomorrow! (Look for a post on that soon *whistles innocently*)


I had such a great time hanging out with Cindy and attending this awesome event! *HUGS!*
Check out Cindy’s post about the event here.
Melissa, it was a pleasure meeting you! 
I hope that you stop by Montreal again in the near future!
Feel free to contact me if you would like to guest post on the blog!
Happy reading until next time!