(Guest Review) A Soul Less Broken by Helen Laibach

Title: A Soul Less Broken

Author: Helen Laibach
Format: eBook
Publication Date: September 1, 2010
Overall: 5/5
Source: From author for review.
After being brutally attacked, Catherine Wilcox must discover her own inner strength and courage as she struggles to piece her life back together. She finds herself falling in love with the emergency room physician who treats her, but soon realizes the attack has left her so emotionally scarred that she must turn away the only man who truly loves her. And at a time when she feels her life is finally beginning to heal, Catherine must then face the devastation of learning that her dearest friend has terminal cancer. In A Soul Less Broken we follow Catherine as she discovers the depth of true friendship, the healing power of love, and the stamina of the human spirit.
 Jenny’s Review:
This e-book is about Catherine, she goes through the worse time of her life, being attacked. Although she manages to pull through, it leaves her soul destroyed. She meets her soul mate, who introduces her to a friend to help her through her ordeal and get her life back on track. They become really close friends, only for the worse possible thing to happen, her friend discovers that she has terminal cancer. Catherine now has to help her friend through this time, all the while she has pushed away her soul mate. When the worse happens she discovers the healing power of love.
This book griped me into the story line from the very start. Catherine’s character and her emotions are really well written, and believable. The whole storyline was amazing and so well written, going through the good and the bad times with Catherine was an amazing experience, and an emotional rollercoaster.
I loved the emotions and the feeling portrayed in this book. The ups and downs in the story are so well written and believable, that you find that you are so engrossed in the story you want to read on.
Overall I gave this book a 5/5 as I found it an amazing, soul searching read. This is a story that really does convert to real life, with its many ups and downs. I think people who relate to the issues dealt with in this book will love it and draw strength from the author to confront their problems and feelings. I personally found this very emotional and cried at the end both with happiness and sadness, and I must say that it not something I normally do. I will definitely be wanting to read more from this author in the future, as I’m sure other readers will want to do too.

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Reviewed By: Jenny Needham