Author Guest Post With John Smith

John Smith has kindly agreed to guest post here about her work, and share his inspiration for becoming a writer in honor of his newest release, Delayed Flight.

 About The Author:

John writes under two names John J. Smith and pen name Jonathan Black. Why does he do this?  He has been told when a reader sees his work they have an expectation, hence the two names. He has won several awards under each name.
He has been called a prolific Fiction writer. He enjoys writing romance and mainstream as John and paranormal and paranormal romance as Jonathan.
Several of his novels have been converted or rewritten into screenplays; for which he has also have won several awards.
John J. Smith resides in Plano, a suburb of Dallas, Texas.
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 Guest Post:
My work covers several genres: Love Stories (actually all my stories whether they’re a straight love story like Delayed Flight, mainstream or paranormal, have a sub-plot that involves a man and woman and the obstacles faced when trying to start a relationship), mainstream, and paranormal. I don’t think there are enough love stories written, which is probably why I enjoy Nicholas Sparks so much and do try to include that in all of my stories.
When an idea comes to me, it simmers in my mind for quite some time. If it stays and I feel it would be a good story, then I start jotting down the story that I see. If the story starts to grow, then I do a short synopsis and build my character profile. Who are the protagonist, antagonist, and what is the story about. I also build a lot of “What if’s” in the story line along with sub-plots.
When Delayed Flight came to me, I was actually stranded in an airport during a snowstorm—what better back drop—when I notice a man and woman talking. It was obvious they had known each other and it looked as if he wanted to get back together. She didn’t, and eventually she went on her way and never looked back. I took that and wondered, what would happen if she couldn’t walk away, say maybe they were on the same flight, and so on. That one conversation had me going. I jotted notes while at the airport and then eventually wrote the short synopsis on the airplane so that I wouldn’t forget some of the details, and as the story simmered in my mind I developed the characters, plot, sub-plot and so on. I then wrote the first draft. I liked it, and watched it grow.
It is very hard for me to pinpoint one reason or another that inspires me because it is trigger by many things. Something I see or read in the paper or magazine, or maybe even something someone says, for instance, a friend of mine has told me so much about her relationship I asked if I could use a part of her life in a story. She said yes, so I am playing with the idea of Camille; a love story based on a portion of her life.
I love to read, and I have such a passion for writing that I cannot even imagine not writing, and the stories come from everything. I have quite a few that have made it to my idea folder, maybe even a synopsis, perhaps as far as a character profile, but never finished because the story didn’t inspire me enough to finish it.
 Delayed Flight:
Title: Delayed Flight
Author: John Smith
Publication Date: January 1, 2011
Veronica, a widow from an abusive marriage, is looking forward to having a wonderful visit with her daughter, Jeri. It had been a year since Jeri moved away to college andVeronica cannot think of anywhere else she would rather be than spend a peaceful Christmas with Jeri.
Jared thought his day had already gone badly when his hiring proposal for consultants was put on hold. Now he finds himself stranded in a blizzard and discovers his rental car has a flat.To add insult upon injury, the keys are locked in the trunk!
When Veronica sees Jared walk into the airport terminal and takes a seat across from her, she can feel her emotions run amok bouncing somewhere between loathing and love. He was the man, whom she had loved and yet he had walked out on her. Jared on the other hand wants to do everything in his power to heal her wounds. In the deepest region of his heart, he wants to start over.

On icy roads, and deep in thought, Jeri’s is suddenly involved in a serious accident, and as Veronica rushes through the halls of the hospital, in search to find answers, she stumbles upon Jared. It is then Veronica realizes at that their present has brought them together shrouded in the events of their past while the doctors feverishly work to save her daughter’s life.
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