(Guest Review) Panjandrum by J.J. Telly

Title: Panjandrum

Author: J.J. Telly
Publisher: Smashwords
Format: eBook
Publication Date: March 1, 2011
Overall: 4 /5
Source: From author for review.
When thirteen-year-old Gelsem is kidnapped in the night from her peaceful home on Level Gee, the timid girl is shocked to wake up on Level Pee, the ‘penitentiary’. Stuck in a foreign realm populated entirely by criminals, Gelsem manages to befriend a group of pre-teen revolutionaries, among them a young Giantess and a boy harboring a great secret.

In order to escape, the young teens must enlist the help of the Panjandrum, a professional thief turned accidental monarch and prisoner to the Level’s bureaucratic elite. Desperate to find a way home to her family, Gelsem is forced to learn some hard truths about trust and friendship while dodging conniving politicians, mind-controlling spirits and a murderous sculptor determined to turn all of the children on the Level into macabre statuary.

Thus begins Gelsem’s extraordinary adventure in the first book of the Aerolith Adventure series, Panjandrum.

 Jenny’s Review:
This book is about Gelsem/Pearl when she is kidnapped from her bed on her home level of Gee, and transported to Pee life changes as she knows it. We discover in this novel that in Gelsem’s world, everything is on levels that go from A-Z, with each having a different name like Emm or Cee etc. Each level housing everything starting with that letter. When Gelsem finds herself on Pee all she can think about is getting back home to Gee. She goes through many discoveries in her quest to get back home, learning new skills and gaining new incite into the levels and everything she believed to be true.
This novel did take me a few chapters to get into, however, once I had learned enough about the world surrounding Gelsem I was hooked! I found that Panjandrum is a very unique, especially given that its story line is set on many different levels. The levels give the story line a different feel, and a very different read.
I loved that the book was set from the view point of Gelsem, with everything she goes through, and everything that she learns throughout her journey in returning to Pee. I loved learning about new and different creatures that appear, especially on this particular level. I especially loved the Porbeagles that feature a lot on this level, they are essentially flying sharks that don’t need water.
I loved all the moral lessons within Panjandrum, and the discoveries that Gelsem makes along the way whether they are good or bad.
Overall I gave Panjandrum a 4/5 as it was insightful, entertaining, and interesting. I think this would be loved by young adults looking for something with a different feel that doesn’t follow the normal route of a story line.
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Reviewed By: Jenny Needham