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Karen Glick has kindly agreed to guest post here about her work, and share her inspiration for becoming a writer in honor of her debut release, Questions in the Silence.

 About The Author:

Karen Glick is a clinical psychologist who lives and works in the Philadelphia area. She enjoys free time writing, painting, and playing with her husband, two cavalier king charles spaniels, and cats. Her four children are off in the world creating their own masterpieces.
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Life Stories: Writing to Create Meaning From My Passions
I have always loved a good story.  As a child, I was the cousin who whispered late night tales at sleepovers, interspersed with giggles and parental urgings to go to sleep.  I also tormented my younger brother, making him sit still while I regaled him with the products of my imagination.  
When I began to write down my stories, I was encouraged by my aunt Joan who worked at Random House and reviewed children’s books for the New York Times.  Whenever she visited, she made some time to read my latest attempts, and she always had something positive to say.  I didn’t realize at the time that it was unusual to have such unconditional positive regard for my writing.  But, I know that I  focus on my memories of her inspiration whenever I get stuck with my writing today.  Aunt Joan also fostered my addiction to reading by sending me cartons of books in the mail.  I think I may have been one of the first children to see the American versions of the Babar the Elephant series.  Maybe I should blame her for the piles of books that grace my home and Kindle!
I always wanted to write a novel and had many false starts where the idea or the characters just didn’t sustain my interest.  Finally, the idea for Questions in the Silence emerged from two of my life passions: (Don’t ask about the others!)psychotherapy and a spiritual approach to life.  The protagonist, Ari Rothman, is a young Jewish woman whose childhood is flavored by unusual dreams and visions. Some of her dreams are derived from her Jewish education, but others are more mystical and cryptic. These experiences inspire her to become a seeker of spiritual truth, not limited to her own religious upbringing.  At the same time, she is driven to find her life purpose and feels she may find it in helping people through psychotherapy. 
Questions in the Silence chronicles Ari’s personal growth from her childhood when she feels like an outsider because of her precocious approach to life, to her search for a life partner, and her attempts to initiate a mature relationship with her parents.  At the same time, in her professional life, Ari faces mounting conflict when she tries to integrate her traditional training as a psychologist with her intuitive abilities.  Her struggles come to a head when she treats her first long-term client whose problems resonate deeply with some of her own issues. 
 Questions in the Silence:
Title: Questions in the Silence
Author: Karen Glick
Publication Date: August 3, 2011

Ari Rothman, born with psychic abilities, has a lifelong fascination with spiritual issues.  Childhood visions and intuitions combine to make her a bit of an outsider in her peer group and she turns to religion to create meaning in her life.

Ari’s childhood experiences and her strong desire to help others make her a natural psychotherapist.  However, the conflict between her intuitive abilities and a more rational approach to the human psyche intensifies when her first long-term client ends his sessions unexpectedly

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