Flame of Surrender by Rhiannon Paille

Title: Flame of Surrender

Author: Rhiannon Paille
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: November 1, 2011
Source: From author for review.
Overall: 5/5

Bloom the weed of temptation and expire the great garden of life. Bloom the flower of sacrifice and sustain the great garden in strife.

The boy who follows death meets the girl who could cause the apocalypse.

Krishani thinks he’s doomed until he meets Kaliel, the one girl on the island of Avristar who isn’t afraid of him. She’s unlike the other girls, she swims with merfolk, talks to trees and blooms flowers with her touch. What he doesn’t know is that she’s a flame, one of nine individually hand crafted weapons, hidden in the body of a seemingly harmless girl.

Nobody has fallen in love with a flame until now. She becomes Krishani’s refuge from the dreams of death and the weather abilities he can’t control. Striking down thousand-year-old trees with lightning isn’t something he tries to do, it just happens. When the Ferryman dies, Krishani knows he’s the next and a lifetime of following death is his destiny.

And Kaliel can’t come with him. The Valtanyana are hunting the flames, the safest place for her is Avristar. Krishani can’t bear to leave her, and one innocent mistake grants the Valtanyana access to their mystical island. They’re coming for Kaliel, and they won’t stop until every last living creature on Avristar is dead. She has to choose–hide, face them, or awaken the flame and potentially destroy herself.

 My Review:

Before I begin, I would like to share on a personal note, that this has been the most difficult review that I have ever had to write. Between the time I read this novel and sat down to write my thoughts, it was very difficult for me to put down into words all the emotions it brought out and everything I wanted to share with you all. I have had to write and rewrite this review several times because I felt that my words would never give this title enough justice.
Words cannot describe how wonderfully magical, brilliant, and compelling Rhiannon Paille’s novel truly is. That being said, I won’t include my own detailed summary of the story as I usually do within my reviews, as it’s impossible to begin revealing the storyline without giving too much away and likewise, I didn’t want to take away from any of it by not sharing enough. You will all have to see how magnificent this story is for yourselves!
I’ll begin by mentioning the two main characters; Kaliel and Krishani, two star-crossed lovers who’s life’s paths have long before been chosen for them. They each serve a greater purpose than what they ever could imagine. They are both such strong characters that take this story to the next level. I couldn’t help but feel compassionate for Kaliel and Krishani from all the tragic situations they encounter. Flame of Surrender is definitely full of emotion and will take you on an incredible journey through the eyes of these two incredible characters.
In addition to the engaging and passionate characters, my favorite elements within Flame of Surrender were the colorfully depicted sceneries as well as the Great Oak. There were times where I could close my eyes and imagine myself being sucked into this magical world, find myself in Avristar, speak to trees, and view every beautiful and breathtaking scenery Rhiannon describes. I would also love to have some of the abilities the characters possess. Wouldn’t you like to have the ability to strike down large trees with lightning or make things bloom with a single touch?
Rhiannon Paille is an unbelievably talented author with a wonderful way with words. Not only was this novel spectacular, it has such an incredibly author that is such a great person. I have had the pleasure of exchanging a few emails with Rhiannon and anyone can tell what a great person she is just by exchanging a few words with her. Rhiannon posted the following on goodreads, just under the summary of the novel, and I thought it would be wonderful to share this moving piece with you all about where her inspiration stemmed from and the message she would like her readers to grasp through Flame of Surrender:
“I wrote it with the notion that when you start your life everything is perfect and as you grow up it gets harder and harder and sometimes the obstacles get too big and you can’t fight them anymore. It’s about making innocent mistakes and facing dire consequences. It’s about falling in love and then losing that love. It’s about becoming something that you never thought you’d be. It’s about trying to preserve that sense of wonder, innocence, freedom, and enchantment you grew up with. It’s about keeping the magic alive. It’s also about facing yourself, facing the enemy, facing death. It’s about facing not only your best self, but your worst self.”
Well Rhiannon, I can honestly say that Flame of Surrender included all of these elements and more. I did find myself grabbing a box of tissues from time to time when I reached the parts in the novel that were emotionally overwhelming and heart-wrenching. I loved every line, every detail that Rhiannon shares with readers of Flame of Surrender. In all honestly, there were parts in the novel that truly touched me on a personal level. If I had the opportunity to visit Avristar, I’d say WHERE’S MY TICKET!?
Flame of Surrender is the first novel in the Ferryman and the Flame series and if it’s not obvious enough, I am definitely looking forward to the next installment! I would highly recommend Flame of Surrender to all who enjoy Young Adult Fantasy novels that includes a tale of forbidden love.
Must Read! Highly Recommended!
**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it.**
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