Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Title: Supernaturally
Author: Kiersten White
Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: July 26, 2011
Overall: 4/5
Source: Borrowed

Evie finally has the normal life she’s always longed for. But she’s shocked to discover that being ordinary can be . . . kind of boring. Just when Evie starts to long for her days at the International Paranormal Containment Agency, she’s given a chance to work for them again. Desperate for a break from all the normalcy, she agrees.

But as one disastrous mission leads to another, Evie starts to wonder if she made the right choice. And when Evie’s faerie ex-boyfriend Reth appears with devastating revelations about her past, she discovers that there’s a battle brewing between the faerie courts that could throw the whole supernatural world into chaos. The prize in question? Evie herself.

So much for normal.

Just when Evie finally gets to have a somewhat normal life like she always dreamed of, she discovers being normal is not all it’s cracked up to be. Then she gets to a chance to work for IPCA again, somewhere she thinks she can find a place to fit in. But when Evie keeps finding herself in the middle of jobs gone wrong, she begins to think that’s trouble going on in the paranormal world, and she might just be in the center of it.
First off, do I think SUPERNATURALLY was as good as PARANORMALCY? No, I don’t. I don’t know if my few problems with this book had more to do with the fact that second books in series are rarely as good as the first or third ones, but whatever it is, don’t get me wrong. I still really, really enjoyed SUPERNATURALLY. I’ve been waiting for forever to get to read this book and I was instantly sucked right back into the world. And mostly that’s because of Evie.

Oh goodness, how I love and appreciate Evie. I remember being so happy when I read PARANORMALCY because it renewed my faith that it is still possible to find gems in over-saturated genres like the paranormal genre. The PARANORMALCY trilogy is not your average paranormal story. Yes, largely this is due to the PARANORMALCY series’ unique twist on an old genre. But it’s also because of our dear narrator Evie. Evie! Hold on, just let me take a moment to build a shrine to this girl.

Okay, shrine built. It consists mainly (okay, only) of my copy of PARANORMALCY, but it’s the thought that counts.

Now! Let me explain to you the reasons I love Evie.

Evie is funny, quirkly, upbeat. I mean, Evie’s got her problems in SUPERNATURALLY. She’s trying to find her place within the “normal” world like she’s always wanted, but she’s discovering that she doesn’t really fit in there. And she doesn’t exactly fit into the paranormal world and with IPCA (International Paranormal Containment Agency) either. Also, there’s the fact that faeries are quite possibly following her and, oh yes, IPCA wants her back. This on top of the fact that she’s pretty sure her teacher at her normal high school hates her and if that keeps up she’s never going to get into her favourite college. Yet, despite all her hardships, Evie keeps up her humor, which is a total breath of fresh air.

I also like how Evie continues to be a strong character in this book. I like Evie because she feels like a genuinely strong character. Evie’s character development is fantastic, and I love how she is such a girly girl who loves pink sparkly things, yet faces down vampires and trolls and what have you. I’m glad the author wrote a character like her because Evie feels unique and real.

Okay, and this is where my Evie-love stops. Because, oh goodness, does Evie also kind of annoy me in SUPERNATURALLY. And I’m thinking this might be where my problems with this book come in. Evie’s got this secret. . .her boyfriend is immortal. . .only she decides to hide this from him, which only hurts her more. She’s also hiding this secret about working with IPCA again from all her friends, which hurts them when they just think she’s ditching them for whatever reason. I hate when characters hide secrets in books. I wanted to scream at Evie to just tell them already! The truth will set you free! However, I can’t say I was too annoyed because I still read this book really fast and, as expected, loose ends and unanswered questions do get wrapped up in a satisfying way. At least, satisfying enough for now. There’s still another book to go.

So, because of Evie’s secrets and such, we don’t get to see a lot of Lend. I loved, loved Lend in the first book, but he’s not in a lot of the second one, which is saddening. And when he does show up, he’s mostly annoyed with Evie. Which is understandable, but not so attractive as the funny boy from the first book.

As well, I’m not sure how I feel about the new character Jack. One on hand, I do like him. He’s like your annoying kid brother who you can’t help but secretly feel bad for because his life is probably miserable and that’s why he’s so annoying. On the other hand, I don’t know if he was entirely needed. Although, it does seem like we will be seeing him again in the last book, and the end of SUPERNATURALLY certainly hints at a good plot line for him.

But don’t get me wrong. . .Evie’s actions, the lack of Lend, and the inclusion of Jack didn’t really disappoint me. None of it took away from my enjoyment of the book. In fact, the only thing I was a little disappointed with was that I think the book ended too quickly. The end wasn’t that intense. Now, this could be just because it’s the second book in a series and it’s mostly just setting up for the third book. I do have high hopes for ENDLESSLY and I can’t wait to read it.

On a final note though, I think out of the entire book, my favourite part was the acknowledgements at the end. They made me laugh so much.

All in all, SUPERNATURALLY was a good book. I flew through it, got sucked back into the world, and wanted to hug the book when I was done. I recommend to paranormal YA lovers who want a quick, fun read. Or even to people who don’t often read paranormal books but still want something quick and fun.

An Enjoyable Read, Well Written, Recommended


**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I received no monetary compensation from it.**
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