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Kent Evans, has kindly agreed to guest post about his inspiration for becoming a writer in honor of his newest release, A Crash Course On The Anatomy.

 About The Author:

Kent Evans is the author of Malas Ondas: Lime, Sand Sex and Salsa in the land of conquistadors, a semi-autobiographical novel about selfdestruction throughout Latin America and finding that corniest of motivators – love. He was a fixture on the spoken word and experimental art scene throughout the 90’s, and the internationally acclaimed artist has performed at such venues as the Festival Internacional Cervantino, Madison Square Garden Theater, Acadamie Beaux Arts in Paris and Nuvorican Poets Café in Greenwich Village.

Kent has appeared on NPR for shows including Nuestra Palabra, the Front Row, and Living Arts showcase. His creative non-fiction and opinion pieces have appeared in numerous national pop-culture and literary zines and publications.

Having also done technical and academic writing for various Fortune 500 companies, Kent is currently pursuing his artistic craft through music and fiction. His performance of choice involves gathering nontraditional musicians – DJ’s, classical players, Latin funk bands – and performing poetry in a live Jazz/Trip-Hop format.

His forthcoming novel A Crash Course on the Anatomy of Robots releases September 17, 2012 from Pangea Books.

Half Cantonese and half UK, Kent was born in New York City in 1975 and grew up between New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. He graduated in psychology and dramatic literature from New York University, and began traveling extensively throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. He fully expects to answer that “but where are you really from” question the rest of his life.

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 Guest Post:
Why I write
Hmm… so this is a pretty broad one. I kind of feel like I’m answering one of those entrance exam essays for University. Well, here goes…
I started writing poetry at a pretty early age, probably in defiance to a junior high teacher who thought Asians could only rock at the sciences (yeah I did, and I also studied martial arts and you can stop right there). In high school I was constantly producing poetry as an outlet for my angst filled adolescence and all that. I wrote for the school lit mag, newspaper, started an underground paper and submitted short stories to zines under various pseudonyms (one amusingly enough was Damien Wood, which is the protagonists name in my new novel, and like me is a practitioner of spoken-word). I also started a punk band which was my first attempt at combining words and music.
By the time I moved back to the city (NY) in ‘93, I was pretty prolifically putting out pieces in Zines and doing lots of open mics. Spoken word was something I pretty much stumbled into. I was a musician with lots of connections with the hip-hop scene and it was just sort of a natural evolution. I also started writing for Urban culture mags like YRB, and putting together underground events everywhere from the Wetlands to CBGB’s. I also had some great writing mentors at NYU like Jillian Medoff and Pearl Abraham who helped me on my way.
I’m a poet who loves performing and hates being pigeonholed. That’s probably why I went off in my own direction instead of focusing on slams and the like. I’ve always felt kind of like a lost child with that scene: too literary for some of the hip-hop heads, too street for the coffee shop crowd. But even as I’ve pulled back from the performance and slam scene to focus on recording and solo work, I still feel some degree of debt to it. In a way spoken word allowed me to bridge the gap between writing and music which are my greatest loves.
Ultimately I write because I have to. Exploring and exorcizing my demons, then caging them in paper has always seemed to best way to stay sane. Well that’s the theory anyhow…

  A Crash Course On The Anatomy:

Title:A Crash Course On The Anatomy

Author: Kent Evans
Release Date: September 17, 2012

Damien Wood’s path to adulthood in the last decade of the 20th century is marked with effortless success – creative, financial, sexual. Yet, his half-Asian lineage with its inherent cultural clashes is coupled with the inability to be touched by feelings or the people around him. Damien’s efforts to reach his inner self take him from place to place and one hollow relationship to another, but he remains stuck outside of his experiences, a robot convincingly playing the role of daredevil artist and globetrotter.

Then, the century turns. As Damien’s mother dies after a long and agonizing illness, and 9/11 inaugurates a reign of fear and terror, his emotions, from desire to despair, begin to emerge unbidden. These birth pangs of humanity send Damien on a mordantly comic, darkly suspenseful quest from the Americas through Southeast Asia in the company of an expatriate colony with too little to lose – including values – until violence comes to claim him as one of its own. No longer a robot, Damien has become a wanted man…

The original soundtrack for A Crash Course On the Anatomy of Robots was written and recorded at On Studio in Guanajuato, Mexico. The album will be available on iTunes prior to the release of the novel and come free as a companion piece with the Kindle version.

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