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Lynn Langtry (Linda Lindor) has kindly agreed to guest post about her inspiration for becoming a writer in honor of her debut release, The Treasure of My Heart.

 About The Author:

Linda  is a writer of stories and music, as well as a visual artist. She weaves her creativity through these various avenues of expression, to complement each other, and to touch the imaginations of her readers through the senses of sight and sound.

While living in the mountain village of Escazu, Costa Rica, Linda marveled at the wonders of the unique natural environment of the Costa Rican ranges, the hospitality and kindness of the villagers and the idea of stories hidden away in history.
B. Ed: Music & English; H. B. Music: Major in Classical Vocal Studies; Minor in English; Dip Music
BC Teacher; Ontario Certified teacher; Active member of the BCTF, BCMEA, SOCAN.

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 Guest Post: 

Inspiration for becoming an author for Treasure of My Heart
The Costa Rican landscape is awe inspiring! While living in the mountains there, I was fascinated by the community spirit and the hospitality of the local villagers. I developed some close friendships with my neighbors and enjoyed visiting with them and sharing hospitality in my own home as well. 
I volunteered to have some children stay at my house while their parents went to work or had other things to attend to. The youths asked me to tell them stories. Since I always enjoyed writing stories, I decided to entertain the children with stories that would spark their imaginations. Thus, we set out on an adventure together. I used the local area as a setting for the story and included locations that were familiar to them.
As each week went by, I found myself writing down what I had told the week before since the children would ask questions about what had happened in the story. I enjoyed this so much that I was well prepared for each week, anticipating their excitement.
As you know, the favorite question a child may ask is: why? Well, now I was in for some work since I needed to have accurate answers for the children about the local history…thus began my research.

I went to museums and libraries to learn about Costa Rican history. I tried to use information that the children were learning at school and thus encourage their studies. Although it is not a history book and the account is fictional, the youths enjoyed a story that was set in their local area and included things they were familiar with. The children were thrilled with each new chapter. Telling the story was as much fun for me as it was for those listening. 
I completed a first limited edition in 1997 and I am now releasing the second edition. In the near future, I hope to produce the story in the Spanish language as well.

  The Treasure of My Heart:

Title: The Treasure of My Heart
Author: Linda Lindor

The land was Costa Rica; a place of memories…

The deep green silhouette of two giant mountains lay against the peaceful sky of late afternoon. The sunken valley cradles tales of many adventures and memories. The place is encamped by a range of mountains that lead to the pacific, but to follow her trail the traveler is indeed challenged by her never ending peaks.

Not far to the east, there is a volcano. Some say that they have seen both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans from her heights; a sight to behold only on a bright, cloudless day. This giant forms a picturesque backdrop for the great valley.

Into the hills, one is drawn by the melody of a cascade whose song is thunderous in rainy winter months, and yet gentle and soothing in the dry summer heat. Then, the once lush green carpet turns to gold.

Along the stream runs a path that leads from a small bathing pool created by a dam of logs, to a rough cabin hidden in the woods. The sounds of children daily harmonize with the river’s tune especially in the heart of the summer vacations.

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