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Tony Hubbard has kindly agreed to guest post about his inspiration for becoming a writer in honor of his newest release, A Demon Lies Within.

 About The Author:

Tony Hubbard grew up like most boys in Massachusetts during the 1980’s, wanting to emulate basketball star Larry Bird and one day play for the Boston Celtics. Quickly realizing that a future as a professional athlete was something he would not achieve, he did the next best thing – became a sportswriter. As a long-time sportswriter, Tony covered high school, collegiate and professional sports, most notably covering the death of Boston Celtics’ star Reggie Lewis for The Patriot Ledger.
Growing up and reading the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King, he one day aspired to publish a novel in the horror genre as his ‘writing heroes’ were famous for. After many years away from writing, leaving his professional writing career behind to make a move into the production and advertising side of the publishing business, Tony makes a return with his debut novel. Eighteen years in the making, A Demon Lies Within, releases November 2012 from Two Harbors Press.
A follower of Greek Mythology, he sees himself in the same vein as the Greek God Dionysus, the Greek God of wine, parties/festivals, madness and merriment. Dionysus not only represents the intoxicating power of wine, but also its social and beneficial influences. According to Tony, we should strive to be like Dionysus.
Massachusetts born and bred, Tony has lived all across the state throughout his life. Today he is settled in Dracut with his wife and son.

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 Guest Post: 

When I wrote the original draft of what would eventually become A Demon Lies Within, I wrote it because of the following belief, ‘each of us has a story inside waiting to be told’.
For me, that meant writing a horror fiction novel. Growing up, I always enjoyed reading horror fiction-themed stories. I remember in middle school that Edgar Allan Poe was the first author I took notice of and purposefully sought out to read multiple stories of his beyond the assigned reading.
With Halloween just gone by, I thought back to all of the tales of ghosts, goblins, witches and spooky things that go bump in the night I read as a child and the pleasure that I derived from reading them. It wouldn’t be surprising that my enjoyment of such tales led me to write a horror fiction novel.
The ‘each of us has a story inside waiting to be told’ concept was such a strong belief inside myself that I incorporated into as a main story element in my second attempt at writing this novel. In that version the lead male character, John Anderson, decided to give up his six-figure financial investment job to move to Maine and write the novel he had inside him. It was such a strong belief that not only he gave up his job, but he would lose his fiancée, Miranda, as a result.
Eventually, a third iteration of A Demon Lies Within was created, resulting in the-soon-to-be-released edition, though it didn’t utilize the ‘each of us has a story’ element into the story. It is touched upon briefly as a sidelight for one of the lead male characters.
Now that A Demon Lies Within is to be released on November 13, why did it become ‘the story I had inside’ and what inspired me to write it?
I’ve found that inspiration for items within my writing can come from anywhere at any time.
It begins with an overactive imagination that during the time spent driving each day it never fails that an idea for a scene or dialogue pops into my head. I’ve found that I like to take the simplest of situations, be it someone watching silent movies or doing crossword puzzles and turn them into elements within a horror fiction novel.
My overactive imagination isn’t limited to only daytime hours. It likes to work overtime while I’m sleeping. There are several scenes within A Demon Lies Withinthat are the result of dreams I had. The novel that Michael Gordon wants to write after moving to Maine was because of a dream I had.
It’s a good thing that I’ve decided to try my hand at writing otherwise what would happen to all of the random scrap pieces of paper that I’ve ever jotted down an idea on, or the notebook and journal pages that I’ve filled, capturing the thought(s) that from nowhere popped into my head with a great urgency before they disappeared for good.
Through all the many scraps of paper and those notebook/journal entities and all the web pages that I bookmarked, I always thought each one held the key to future scenes and would be the springboard needed to transition to subsequent situations. If you could only see my Google search history, the search terms alone strung together would make for an interesting story.
Ultimately, all of these small tidbits combined to form one large completed manuscript. That’s what has inspired me as a writer.
A Demon Lies Within was the story inside of me waiting to escape, though hopefully it’s not the only one.
Now it’s time to ask yourself: what is yours? The answer lies deep within.
  A Demon Lies Within:

Title: A Demon Lies Within

Author:Tony Hubbard
Release Date: November 13, 2012

The powers of hell that lie within are very real…
Following his murder, Andrew McMurray finds himself transported to the depths of hell. There he is indoctrinated as an apprentice to a demon master, Sonneillon. Exposing Andrew to the dark reaches of his evil powers, Sonneillon demonstrates a demons’ ability to posses, torment and control the thoughts and actions of the living. Andrew’s ultimate goal following his apprenticeship? Revenge on his wife, Katelyn and young son, Joshua, both of whom he holds responsible for his murder.
As Katelyn rebuilds her life, following her husbands’ death, she meets Michael Gordon, a recent escapee from Corporate America, who has his own troubled, tragic past. As their relationship grows, they realize they share something more than their burgeoning love for one another — the powers of hell have deeply impacted their pasts. Evil continues to insinuate itself into the pair’s lives, bringing with it haunting and unspeakable horrors.
Andrew’s plan of revenge begins to materialize once he inhabits Joshua, having him act out in often violent and disturbing ways. With possession of Joshua’s mind and body complete, will hell’s ultimate evil goals come to pass, or can the local priest of a small Maine town exorcize Father from Son? At stake, doom-laden repercussions for all involved…and perhaps the world as a whole.

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