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Krista Madden has kindly agreed to share her inspiration for becoming a writer in honor of her debut release, 3 Days.

 About The Author:
I am just your not-so-ordinary mother, housewife, x-ray student, and candy addict. I live in the lovely state of Missouri where the rolling Ozark Hills are breathtaking, the weather can’t make up its mind, and the animals are bipolar. But, I can’t really complain too much because this cold-natured girl, after spending three years as a child in Alaska, secretly wishes for an opportunity to move to a colder climate. Crazy, right? Not entirely. I may be cold-natured, but I do love to coordinate outfits involving a warm sweater and a cute pair of boots!

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 Guest Post:

I would have to say that I have always played with writing ever since childhood. My favorite thing in the world was when the teacher would say, “I want you to write anything you want to. The sky is the limit.” I actually had teachers that would say that and the only thing that bothered me was when there was a time limit. Now, as an adult, I find time limited to do anything, so I have to squeeze things in between the insanity that is life. One year, during x-ray school, I had been on Christmas break. After playing with the kids, cleaning the house, and we had all eaten, my husband was sitting on the floor watching television with the kiddos. I played around with the start of a story on my computer, as I generally do, and once I had gotten started something in me pushed to continue. Halfway through my story, I decided to send it to a friend’s daughter to get an idea of whether or not it was worth finishing. She begged for more, and I have been seriously writing ever since. It absolutely tickled me that I was able to take my hobby and entertain others with it. Now the ideas are coursing through me faster than my fingers can type. The excitement builds more and more every day. I could never get bored doing this, it’s too much fun!

  3 Days:
Title: 3 Days

Author:Krista Madden
Publication Date: February 13th 2013

Kara Laquin wanted nothing more than to forget. Forget the past, live in the present, and ignore the future. When a massive solar flare destroys all electronics and throws the country into chaos, Kara is nearly a whole state away from her lost love, Blaine. He can wait only three days before moving on. With access to fuel limited, she must do anything necessary to get to him before he is forced to move on, but society is crumbling around her. Looters and murderers prowl the cities during the day, and something even worse roams at night.

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 Book Excerpt:
 I had gone about thirty more miles, alternating between jogging and walking, before the sun was threatening to set. I decided to stop at the nearest town, to find shelter. Keeping to listen to the letter, and not risk traveling at night, I was determined to be still by dusk. Relieved in finding a twenty-four hour diner at the next exit, I made my way through the doors. It was all but deserted, with one older man standing behind the counter, wringing out a rag and wiping it down. “Got nothing cold, and the meats gone bad on account of the power goin’ out, but if you want some pie, I got a couple slices of apple left.” He was smiling at me as I slid up onto a stool beneath the counter. I dropped my pack on the stool beside me. “You ain’t a runaway, are yins?” He traded his gaze back and forth, between me and my bag.
     “Nope. I just like to hike.” No sense in telling him what was going on, after all, Blaine said not to trust anyone.
     It was obvious that he didn’t buy what I was selling him, but he gave up on the interrogation anyway. “If you ain’t gonna eat, you gotta leave,” he added, pulling a slice of pie off the pie stand and setting it on a plate in front of me. “Two dollars and fifty cents.” I put the money on the counter and began to nibble at my pie as slowly as I could. I was going to need to take microscopic bites to make it last until dawn.
     When night fell, the man behind the counter began lighting candles at each table. Grateful that he had not decided to close the diner because of the power outage, I settled myself into the corner booth with my plate of half eaten pie in front of me, and my bag beside me on the bench. Noticing the owner was keeping a close eye on me, I propped my fork in my hand and balanced it on the edge of my plate. With my arm on the table, I settled my head into the corner of the wall and shut my eyes. The owner must not have cared as much as he let on because it must have been a couple of hours before I was awakened by the sound of glass shattering at the front of the diner. I heard shouting from the owner and then the sound of a shotgun going off. In a panic, I grabbed my bag and ran for the very back of the diner behind the kitchen, where the walk-in freezer stood. I crawled into it as quietly as possible and slowly clicked it shut. There were two rows of shelves on the right side, on the farthest one, at the bottom, there was a space between the first shelf and the floor. It was just big enough for a person to cram into. I stuffed my bag under it, crouching down enough to squeeze through, then pulled the largest box I could find in front of it to cover me.
     I lay there for an eternity. It had to have been that long by the way it felt. Barely allowing myself to breathe, I sat in silence. Somebody was shot, and I was pretty sure it was the owner of the diner. But I wasn’t going to poke my head around and ask. Just then, I heard footsteps coming toward the outside of the walk-in. There were two voices, muffled enough that I couldn’t make out what they were saying. That was when I heard a sound that made my heart start racing and put my stomach in a knot. The latch to the walk-in was being released. The door creaked open, and I heard the shuffle of four feet coming toward me. I held my breath. Oh my GOD!

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