The Tower of Boran by Shauna Scheets

16237387Title: The Tower of Boran

Author:  Shauna Scheets

Publisher: Createspace

Format: eBook

Publication Date: September 23, 2012

Overall: 4/5 overall rating 

“In the night sky over Caillte Saiocht, not a single star shines, and those who live below it must fear the corrupting touch of night-fever. The crystal gleam cast from the Tower of Boran is all that stands between the realm and utter darkness, but its power has long been fading.

On her sixteenth birthday, Seraetia prepares to be named a priestess of the Sanctum, destined to restore the tower’s light. As the events of this long-awaited day unfold, however, she learns that not everything is as it appears. With the life she thought she knew rapidly unravelling around her, Seraetia must ally with those who know the truth behind the land’s peril, and fight to save her home from something darker than the night.”



The Tower of Boran is a wonderful book, and the characters really made this story. Even if my pet peeve of unpronounceable names was all over the place, I really enjoyed this novel. Thankfully, most of the names are traded in for nicknames, and that really helps the story flow.


I truly enjoyed Seraetia, or Tara as she becomes known later on, as she had a very strong personality, and I enjoyed that she was willing to learn and grow. Tara’s growth was one of things I most enjoyed about the novel, because she starts off very naive, and by the end, she has a very clear understanding of the world around her. It’s wonderful to see major growth in a character, especially throughout the novel instead of having to wait 2 or 3 books to see any changes in behavior.


I really felt as though Tee was an awkward fellow; he always spoke in rhyme, and that really bugged me when he was first introduced. Eventually, he stops speaking in rhyme so much, and that’s when I began to understand his role as a character. I did enjoy how he was always able to lighten the mood, even when things seemed really dark.


This story starts of very confusing, because there is so much to learn about the world of Caillte Saíocht and it’s first introduced as like a myth. It made it a little difficult to follow, but once the story takes off, that is all forgotten. From the beginning, Tara struggles, and its hard to watch, especially when her idea of the world is completely wrong. It helped me understand her character because the story starts with Seraetia as a young novice, and then transitions into Tara, who is so much more than just a novice. I really felt that this book was about Tara learning to grow, despite the outside chaos. The book was extremely well-written, and it showed through the plot and world-crafting. There was not any piece of this book that felt rushed or hurried.


I give a full 4 out of 5 stars to this book; the only detractors were the hard to pronounce names, and the confusing bit at the beginning. Overall, this book was a great read, and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy, and well-crafted worlds.




**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I did not receive monetary compensation from it.**

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4.5/5 – Fabulous Read, Recommended