Author Guest Post With Rosemarie B. Smith

Rosemarie B. Smith has kindly agreed to guest post here about her work, and share her inspiration for becoming a writer in honor of her debut release, Rosemarie.


 About The Author:

Rosemarie B. Smith is a devoted animal lover, and is passionate about changing the attitudes of a young generation that she worries is becoming desensitized by rapidly-developing technologies. Smith, mother of three and grandmother of six, spent much of her career in Human Resources Management, before semi-retiring at age 60, and purchasing a start-up company, which she turned into a successful business. She has personally adopted a total of 12 rescue cats.

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Guest Post:

I have been a reader my whole life.  My favorites are mysteries and lawyer type stories. More than 15 years ago I decided to write for children.  That story is still sitting on my computer waiting to be finished.  Its about a stray cat that adopted a family.  This is interesting to me because I am now writing about animals, mostly rescue dogs.

What I take from that is I have wanted for quite some time to be the voice of animals. I humanize them both in my writings and in real life.  One of my grandsons stayed with us for a while.  One day he said to me, “When I hear you speaking, actually carrying on conversations with your cats, I wait expecting to hear them respond to you.”

I believe my four cats respond to my voice, each one knows their name, respond to the words ‘treat time’, one likes to drink from the bathroom sink tap, I say, “Daisy do you want a drink?”  She runs to the bathroom and jumps up onto the vanity and then sits there waiting for me to turn on the water.

Call me a crazy cat lady if you wish, but we bring animals into our homes let’s treat them with kindness and respect. If my writing impacts just one reader then it has been worth the effort for me.

About The Book:

Title: Rescue Ben
Author: Rosemarie B. Smith
Publication Date: April 9th 2013
Publisher: Abbott Press

Follow pet-cum-rescue dog, Ben, on his exciting journey through the American countryside, in his attempt to find his family’s new home. This fast-past adventure book is also a heart-wrenching tale of how one dog can not only overcome tremendous obstacles, but also demonstrate a very humanistic side, and connect with a whole range of fascinating characters in a most unexpected way.


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Book Excerpt:
He runs until he gets weary then he walks briskly for several hours.

He has become painfully aware that he’s near exhaustion.

His firm, powerful muscles are burning, and his body is aching; he is fatigued. Continuing to run at this rate has become difficult. His keen mind is among his greatest assets, and even that is dimming; he has reached his physical and mental limit.

Thirst is starting to make him crave water to hydrate his burning muscles.

Night will soon be here, and it will be more dangerous to travel on these dark roads absent of moonlight. So he must find a place to sleep.

It has been too many hours since he ate and slept. Food and a place to settle down for the night are tormenting his mind. His head is drooping.  He feels as if he is going to collapse as he cautiously makes his way along the shoulder of the busy highway.

His journey will continue tomorrow. He knows his reward will be worth his valiant effort.

A short distance off the road he spots a small brook with fresh, clear water. This minor detour is crucial as his throat is so dry; the water burns as it trickles down his parched throat.After lapping up the refreshing water he notices almost immediately he is starting to feel refreshed.

Now, he wonders, where is a safe place to sleep?


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