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Tricia Riel has kindly agreed to guest post here about her work, and share her inspiration for becoming a writer in honor of her newest release, Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure.


 About The Author:

unnamedTricia Riel… is the author of “Zephrum Gates & The Mysterious Purple Haze” and the full series of Zephrum Gates books. She has been involved in creative pursuits of all kinds since her first big role as a snowflake at age 5. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the Visual & Performing Arts School at Syracuse University in NY and a Masters Degree in Acting and Theatre Arts from Humboldt State University in CA. Trish writes YA fantasy to empower youth to believe in themselves, and because learning how to care for our environment is simply more fun when reading a witty magical story.

Trish has written numerous stage plays & has some of her early poems published. She was involved with the performance art scene in San Francisco for some time & also performed numerous educational plays for kids throughout the SF Bay Area. For years, she has worked as a drama teacher at “Kids on Camera” (a TV Acting School in San Francisco, CA). She has been a physical coach at “Circus Smirkus” in Vermont, at “Camp WinnaRainbow” in Northern California, “Swivel Arts” in San Francisco, at “Island Gymnastics” on Martha’s Vineyard, & at “Arcata Playhouse” in CA. In addition to those camps, she has headed numerous theatrically based school programs in many other parts of California, in Rhode Island, & in many other locations.

She juggles, works as a clown, a voice-over actor, and an Astrologer. She does contact improv, practices gymnastics, and does a variety of circus arts. Trish has done all of the narration & characters for her Zephrum Gates Audio Books. She has a trapeze in her living room and she loves to work on films and travel internationally. She has the most amazing doggies in the world, and she writes most of her books while hiking in the woods. She can also write while she sleeps.

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Guest Post:

What is my motivation for writing?

In a larger sense, my motivation for writing is to give my fun creative thoughts a place to thrive.  I have a wish to live in a world where amazing things are possible (whether that be magically or realistically).  Sometimes, the weight of the “real” world’s problems can be overwhelming to me, so it’s good to have a place to go where things can unexpectedly work out.  My wish to pass on greater environmental awareness (through story) is another motivator.  I hope that the many gems of earth wisdom in my books will infiltrate the consciousness of my readers… & help to positively change our living paradigm. I also just enjoy creating entertaining stories with lively characters.


What inspired you to become a writer?

I love to play with words & I absorb new languages like a sponge.  While working on my Master’s Degree in Theatre, I took a couple of Play Writing classes & really enjoyed them.  I had a knack for creating memorable characters & humorous scenarios.  I loved learning about alternative story structures & seeing ideas come to life, but I wanted to find a way to use words more comprehensively.

Around the same time, the Harry Potter series was dazzling my imagination.  I wanted to read more, but J.K. Rowling was still in the midst of writing the last few books in the series.  I just couldn’t wait for her to finish, so I decided to write something of my own.  I wanted to have something that was fun & magical to read.  I needed something entertaining & captivating to engage me while I was waiting.

I took about a year to make lists of concepts & ideas I wanted to work with.  I have an “inventions” list, a “weird expressions” list, & I even have a whole list of “gross words.”  The “gross words” list is a really fun thing to bring on dates, by the way.  Inevitably, you’ll get suggestions for more “gross words.”

Anyway, by the time I actually began writing the first Zephrum Gates book, my head was so wrapped around words of all kinds that it was as though the book wrote itself.  I have never had “writer’s block.”  For me, it’s just a matter of carving out the time & getting myself into the right headspace to dive in.

Once I realized how much fun it was to write… & how easily it came to me, I was hooked.  It’s like catching the “travel bug.”  Once you go on one journey, you want to go on more.


Any special insight on the Zephrum Gates books themselves? 

The Zephrum Gates books are filled with odd & magical characters.  Most of them are well-intended, despite their idiosyncrasies.

Even the “evil” characters have codes they live by.

Many of the characters have latent magical powers that get somehow “awakened” in the Zephrum Gates stories.  This “awakening” shows that it is our own uniqueness that makes us each so powerful.

Ultimately, you’ve got to allow yourself to be who you are, regardless of what society might expect.


Anything else that you’d like to share?  

One of the other things we see in the Zephrum Gates books is that finding ways to work together (despite our differences… & because of them) can bring great rewards.

With a little focus, each person…in their own unique way… really does have something important to bring to our world… if they’d only allow it.

About The Book:

unnamed (1)
Title: Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure
Author: Tricia Riel
Publication Date: October 2013
Publisher: Amazon

What do a greedy goblin, a lovesick Dragon, and a not so helpless girl have in common? From the moment the floating treasure chest appears above the water, this rollicking fairy tale brings us back to the wonderful world of Zephrum Gates.
Goblins are at work and are doing their best to restore their nefarious leader to ultimate power. Although Strasidous Rowpe has been reduced to a mere wisp of ether, his malevolent influence continues to inspire Goblins… and threaten Zephrum.
Zephrum is helped by a number of eccentric and magical people at her school, the newly started (Fiddlesticks School for Alternative Thinkers with Unusual Abilities). There, Zephrum and her friends develop their innate talents, learn circus arts, meet strange magical beings, and end up putting on a lively theatrical show that is “out of this world.”
Although some of the teachers try to use science and earth wisdom to understand the chain of quirky catastrophes that keep happening, they can’t really do much to keep Zephrum and her friends away from perplexing predicaments, strange sightings, and misplaced magic. Can she escape the dark doom that goblins have created for her? Can her friends keep her from the clutches of a distraught Dragon? Will they save the day and thwart the feeble efforts of Strasidous Rowpe… before all is lost?
“Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure” will tickle your funny bone and keep you glued to the page as you bounce from one unforgettable event to the next.


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