Blog Tour: Character Interview With Carter from Positive/Negativity by D.D. Lorenzo

In order to celebrate D.D. Lorenzo’s debut, Positive/Negativity, Carter has kindly agreed to interviewed here about the novel.


 About The Author:

D.D.-LorenzoD.D. Lorenzo is a fresh modern-day storyteller. Her stories reach deep into the heart of readers and engage them through the emotions of her characters.D.D. resides in Maryland, The Land of Pleasant Living. She met the love of her life in high school and decided to look no further. Together, they have raised their children into fabulous adults. When she isn’t writing stories of the impassioned lives of her characters, she is rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or the Baltimore Orioles. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with the great people in her life and riding with her husband in his classic Mustang to the Eastern Shore.

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Carter Thank you, Lucy, for having me today. It was very nice to find that someone wanted to know about me. Most people want to know more about Aria and Declan. I was a bit surprised when DD told me someone had requested an interview with me, to be quite honest.

Lucy: Hi, Carter, it is a pleasure to have you here! Especially since you’re my favorite character…but don’t tell your brother that… *nervous laughter*… I’m serious; don’t. So, Carter, What’s it like working with DD? Be honest!


Carter:  DD? I really don’t even notice that she’s there, so she’s very easy to work with. She notices everything. You can’t keep anything hidden from her. She gets along with everyone and tries to be re—


…Marisol enters the room…

Marisol: Who are you and why are you talking to him?!


 Lucy: Marisol, this is an interview for “Positive/Negativity”. Carter is being interviewed.


Marisol: You couldn’t have found someone in the book more interesting to talk to? Someone with a more, shall we say, attractive appeal? What kind of interviewer are you? I would have you fired!


Lucy: (…umm, she’s sticking her finger in my face…) I cleared this with DD—


 Marisol: What the hell is a DD, and what makes that important to me anyway?


Carter:  You do remember that DD is the author?


Marisol: The woman with the notebook always paying attention to me? Is that what this is about? Don’t you EVER waste my time with this DD person, or these interviews, do you understand me?!


…Marisol leaves the room, slamming the door on her way out…


Carter:  Sorry about that…


Lucy: No worries, Carter. I’ve imagined how it would be like to meet Marisol in person, and I can see that the way her character’s portrayed in the novel isn’t very far from reality…I can see why DD was contemplating on whether she should renew Marisol’s contract for the series…Let’s continue…Carter, how has the title of the book impacted your character, if at all?


Carter:  It made me curious when I first saw it. I mean, “Positive/Negativity”? What the hell is that? Then DD starting telling us about it, and it got me thinking.         


Lucy: If you could change one thing in the story, what would it be? (Direct or indirect impact on your character?


Carter:  Really? You’ll have to forgive me, Lucy, but if you read the book, you would know EXACTLY what I would change, and how it directly impacted me. It’s a bit sensitive of a subject for me, so I believe I will stop now.


Lucy: I do apologize for putting you on the spot there, Carter. I know how tough it must have been to prepare for the emotional scene you acted out in the novel, and how terribly overwhelming the feeling must have been. We’ll just move on to the next question…What do you believe was DD’s objective for writing this novel (i.e. what do you think she wants readers to take away/grasp?)


Carter:  When DD approached us about the book, and telling our story, she said that she wanted people to see that bad things happen to good people in everyday circumstances. She wanted to chronicle that. I can’t speak for her, but I think she wants people to take away a message that everyone has flaws. Whatever they are, if you recognize them, you see them as your personal “disabilities”. In spite of them, you can try to look for the positive in yourself, and your situations.


 Lucy:  That’s very well put, Carter. I’m sure that’s exactly what DD had in mind when she wrote the novel. At least, that’s what she hinted a few times with my conversations with her. Just two last questions for you. Will we get to know your character better as the series progresses?


Carter:  I believe so. DD just spoke with me about my own story. It seems some people are interested in what is happening with me in the here and now.


Lucy: That’s wonderful! I’d definitely want to know more about you. Uhmm I mean, your character… uhm…*frantically moves papers around in search for the last interview question*… How about you leave us with 3 random things that are currently on your mind before you go?


Carter:  Hmm…let’s see. Three things? How about… the lake, the ocean…and Aimee.

Lucy: Interesting…Thank you again for stopping by, Carter! I think DD’s calling you to brainstorm the next scene!
About The Book:

Book-CoverTitle: Positive/Negativity
Author: D.D. Lorenzo
Series: Depth of Emotion (Book #1)
Publication Date:  November 6, 2013
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense

Positive and negative forces peacefully coexist within the lives of ordinary people every day.


Aria Cole has a desire to create beauty in whatever environment she is placed. The emotional toll of expending her heart diverts her to a new direction, and she flourishes while creating beauty in a new way. When a personal loss finds its way into her world, she experiences heartbreaking devastation. Her memories have compelled her to a place where she experiences peace and contentment.


Declan Sinclair’s occupation demands that he use his body as much as his mind, and it forces him to move in a fast-paced world. When the accelerated pace of his lifestyle encourages him to personally navigate the course of his professional destiny, he seizes the opportunity to retreat to his refuge and prepare a vocational strategy.


When positive and negative circumstances merge the lives of Aria and Declan, they find they have more in common than the love of a place of peace. Can the lives of two people, the events that unite them, the circumstances that surround them, and the attraction that draws them be enough to put their lives into balance and assist them in finding what they both secretly desire?

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