Positive/Negativity by D.D. Lorenzo

by D.D. Lorenzo

Book-CoverTitle: Positive/Negativity
Author: D.D. Lorenzo
Format: ARC
Source: Editor of the novel.
Overall: 5/5 

Positive and negative forces peacefully coexist within the lives of ordinary people every day.

Aria Cole has a desire to create beauty in whatever environment she is placed. The emotional toll of expending her heart diverts her to a new direction, and she flourishes while creating beauty in a new way. When a personal loss finds its way into her world, she experiences heartbreaking devastation. Her memories have compelled her to a place where she experiences peace and contentment.

Declan Sinclair’s occupation demands that he use his body as much as his mind, and it forces him to move in a fast-paced world. When the accelerated pace of his lifestyle encourages him to personally navigate the course of his professional destiny, he seizes the opportunity to retreat to his refuge and prepare a vocational strategy.

When positive and negative circumstances merge the lives of Aria and Declan, they find they have more in common than the love of a place of peace. Can the lives of two people, the events that unite them, the circumstances that surround them, and the attraction that draws them be enough to put their lives into balance and assist them in finding what they both secretly desire?


I was immediately drawn to the story from the moment D.D. Lorenzo contacted me about the novel, especially to the Positive/Negativity aspect. Story aside, the meaning of the title is very powerful and present within the all of our daily lives.

There are several elements of the novel in which I appreciated as a reader; the most important element being how relatable the characters were. Their emotions are raw, real, and excluded all the fluff you would normally see in contemporary romance novels. There were several instances where I felt emotionally connected to the characters; I could feel the pain and loss Carter felt, the hatred for Marisol, the villain of the story, which was felt by many, and betrayal which is experienced by characters within the concluding chapters of Positive/Negativity. The use of alternating POVs was brilliantly executed as it offered readers direct access to those raw emotions, and it gave the characters the depth readers crave when jumping into a new series. I also enjoyed how each chapter title is a different emotion, giving the reader a little hint of what to expect, without being predictable with the story itself.

Contrary to most Positive/Negativity fans, Declan’s brother, Carter, stood out to me most, therefore, being my favorite of them all. I would personally like to see Carter becoming a more prominent figure in the second installment of the series. He’s a character everyone can easily relate to, and I believe that his character has much to offer.

Before the novel was released, I made sure to re-read the story while listening to the music guide she provided for each chapter, from beginning to end. I must admit that she was right; the reading experience is that much more rewarding when combining the music with the story. I would definitely recommend readers to follow D.D.’s guide while reading.

I would also like to mention that the author behind the story is not only an incredible writer, but a truly great person, which I have been blessed to call a friend. I look forward to reading more from D.D. Lorenzo, and eagerly await for the next installment of the Depth of Emotion series.

Positive/Negativity is a beautifully written debut by D.D. Lorenzo, and I definitely recommend this novel.



**Please Note: Although I am the editor for Positive/Negativity, this review is my honest opinion.**
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