Endless by Jessica Shirvington



Title: Endless
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Publisher: Hachette
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: October 1, 2013
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars



Love will kill us all.


Angels are real. They aren’t always kind. Violet Eden is certain of all this because she is Grigori – part angel, part human. She has felt the influence of both light and dark.


When Hell unleashes its worst, Violet must embrace every facet of her angel self to save the people she cares about and the world as she knows it. But death is not the worst thing that Violet will face. For her, the endless question ‘Can love conquer all?’ will finally be answered



Endless was amazing from beginning to end. I absolutely loved it. This series just keeps building and getting better. Violet has grown up so much, but she is still just a teenager. However, in this book she really takes that next step to adulthood.


Things have not ever been easy for Violet, and with her mother returned in the last book it just got a whole lot more difficult. I felt that the anger and resentment that Violet had towards her mother was in a way justified. Her mother had signed her up for this life, however her mother also sacrificed everything for the same cause. I really liked that Jessica Shirvington changed their relationship during the book. Evelyn really began to play a major part in Violet’s life, and became incredibly important.


I felt like things really began to come together for Violet and Linc in this book. Lincoln finally admitted that his feelings for Violet were real, and that he couldn’t bear anyone else looking at her. They also started working together, and putting aside hurt feelings. Generally they were both alot more grown up in this installment, and it worked really well.


There were quite a few things at the end that I feel like Lincoln got wrong, and I know it was to save the world and protect Violet. However, she should have been included in the discussion. Phoenix did redeem himself here in this book, and I was so happy he worked with Lincoln. It showed that he did care about Violet more than he cared about anything else.


However, the ending broke my heart. If the last book left you wanting more, this book is going to leave you gouging your eyes out. My heart broke for everyone, there was literally no one that walked away unscathed. It was the most heartbreaking ending, and I’m so relieved there is another book.


I’m giving this book 5 out of 5 stars, because it really was that great. Jessica Shirvington   keeps delivering character growth in a way that just astonishes and amazes me. I really can’t wait to see what the final book Empower gives us.




**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I did not receive monetary compensation from it.**


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