The Girl with the Windup Heart by Kady Cross Review



Title: The Girl with the Windup Heart
Author: Kady Cross
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Format: eBook
Publication Date: May 27, 2014 
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
Source: NetGalley


In 1897 London, a final showdown is about to begin.

London’s underworld is no place for a young woman, even one who is strong, smart and part-automaton like Mila. But when master criminal Jack Dandy inadvertently breaks her heart, she takes off, determined to find an independent life, one entirely her own. Her search takes her to the spangled shadows of the West End’s most dazzling circus.

Meanwhile, taken captive in the Aether, Griffin King is trapped in an inescapable prison, and at the mercy of his archenemy, The Machinist. If he breaks under the hellish torment, The Machinist will claim his powers and control of the Aether itself, and no one in either world will be safe-especially not Finley Jayne and her misfit band of friends.

Finley plunges headlong into the Aether the only way she knows how, by temporarily dying. But she cannot parry The Machinist’s maneuvers for long. To defeat him for good, Griffin will have to confront his greatest fear and finally come face-to-face with the destructive power he wields.


The Girl with the Windup Heart was a great finale for this series. I truly enjoyed every moment of this book. I loved that Mila actually became a character that I could connect with, and I loved seeing Jack get his happy ending.

I know these books started with Finley, and I did love her and Griffin’s story especially because they’ve finally admitted that they love each other. It was terribly sweet to finally see them together despite all the nonsense with Garibaldi. Which by the end of this book I was so so ready for him to be completely gone.

There were also some scenes in the Aether with Finley that just made me love this series even more. It really gave closure to some of the characters that had just been hanging around for too long. I loved that Finley was her own hero, and so was Griffin. Despite being willing to die for each other, they each saved themselves.

I really loved Mila and I loved that she added a whole new dynamic to their group and especially Jack. She was just so sweet, but it was wonderful to watch her grow and learn. I loved that she put Jack in his place a few times because he was so cocky that it was sometimes annoying.

The author did a great job of utilizing the Aether in this final book, and it was wonderful to watch all these characters who have matured and grown finally get the resolution that they all deserve. I loved that Sam overcame his fear of the automatons, and that he and Finley finally started being friends on their own.

I can’t sing the praises of Kady Cross enough for creating such a well-rounded series, and while I was incredibly done with Garibaldi by the end he was also the perfect villain. I think this book was definitely the best of all 4 so I would give this 5 out of 5 stars. It was unique, engaging and utterly thrilling. I highly recommend this series!




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