Selective/Memory by D.D. Lorenzo

unnamed3Title: Selective/Memory (The Depth of Emotion, #2)
AuthorD.D. Lorenzo
Release DateApril 3, 2014
GenreContemporary Romance
Cover Artist: Regina Wamba
Format: ARC
Source: From Author
Overall: 5/5 


Reception or retrieval of only some of

the events in an experience.

Darkness Descended…

After tragedy claimed love as its victim, Declan and Aria struggle to move forward alone. They each have endured hurt and devastation inflicted and influenced by circumstance.

Rebuilding Slowly…

Aria’s inner strength is brought to the surface as she regains control of both her emotions and her body, but Declan’s supremacy over her heart is a consequence as a result of loving him so completely.

Blatant Trivialization…

As thoughts of Aria continue to haunt him, Declan attempts to minimize their effect on him using whatever means possible, no matter the effect on himself or its impact on his relationships.

An Agenda of Evil…

Revenge reigns supreme in Marisol’s agenda. Her satisfaction is found in the bitterness she cultivates as she grows in her contempt for Aria and her manipulations of Declan. Will she be successful in total annihilation of two people who have already suffered the crushing weight that sorrow and guilt can deliver?

Join Declan Sinclair and Aria Cole in “Selective/Memory”, Book Two in “The Depth of Emotion” series and witness the conclusion of their story. They will attempt to restructure their individual worlds, but fate continues to intervene by bringing them into the atmosphere of each other. Are they willing to bear love again? Will their emotions sustain the depths that their relationship exposed? Will their feelings for each other be strong enough to sustain a love that will last a lifetime?

Only Fate can Decide…


Disclaimer: This review is for the second instalment
of the Depth of Emotion series; beware of *SPOILERS*

ANGER. HATE. LOVE. COMPASSION. JEALOUSY. PANIC. Prominent emotions that engulfed and swirled within the characters in Positive/Negativity, which were revisited and further intensified within Selective/Memory, the second instalment in the Depth of Emotion series. In Positive/Negativity, we fall in love with Aria and Declan only to have our hearts ripped out and stepped on at it’s conclusion, when the two are torn apart.

In Selective/Memory, readers are thrown into the waves of emotions that threaten to suffocate our dear beloved characters thanks to the sadistic, manipulative, *insert B-word here*, Marisol. Together, we dive through the waves, endure the pain, and fight through the struggle with Declan and Aria as they do everything they can to regain control of their emotions.

The Characters:
In Selective/Memory, we see a very dark side of Declan; a man, both tortured and vulnerable. His emotions are raw, and I couldn’t help but feel sympathetic towards him, even though I didn’t want to initially. There were many times where I wish I could have slapped or yelled at him myself for letting things get to a point where I sincerely believed there was a good chance he and Aria may never BE again…

Although Aria was shattered by the events that occurred in Positive/Negativity, she refused to let it define her and hold her back from the opportunities ahead in her future. I admire Aria for this. She took her time to let her emotions flow and take over, but then she made up her mind that she’d move forward—with or without Declan…

Both Carter, Declan’s brother, and Aria’s mother stepped up and became very important characters that would help mold the paths for Declan and Aria. I enjoyed that we got a solid glimpse of who the characters were through alternating point of views. Carter experienced a very traumatic and tragic event in Positive/Negativity and I believe there’s more to him than what was revealed in the series so far. I look forward to learning more of this character in upcoming instalments.

Then there was Marisol…this woman—THIS MONSTER—made me curse out every swear word I could think of (in three different languages). Having read through her character’s POV throughout several chapters of Selective/Memory  made me feel a little psychotic—even tainted—with each chapter she narrated. She made no attempt to conceal the hatred, selfishness, and jealousy she held within (except in front of Declan). Worse, she felt she had every right to do the things she did, without feeling any remorse.

Elements That I Appreciated:
The effort D.D. Lorenzo put into these two instalments, every detail—subtle or not—was what I appreciated most. Simple things like naming the chapter titles in Positive/Negativity with different emotions and Selective/Memory with components of memory to not disclosing what exactly happened to Declan’s leg, or having readers second guess the events that led to the accident was genius. I especially appreciated that D.D. Lorenzo didn’t disclose whether Declan’s leg was in fact amputated or whether it was simply mangled, leaving it to the imagination of her readers.

D.D. Lorenzo was able to capture the various emotions and deliver them through her writing flawlessly. There were many instances where I had to reach for a box of tissues or share my anger for Marisol with the author. I was especially effected by the instances where a memory of a loved one was shared through the eyes of Aria, given the recent passing of one of my family members. It was one of the many ways I was able to easily relate to Aria and truly understand her as a person/character.

Emotional. Heart-wrenching. Suspenseful. Edgy.
I definitely recommend Selective/Memory for those who enjoy experiencing an emotional ride with engaging characters and a story with incredible depth.



**Please Note: Although I was the co-editor for Selective/Memory, this review is my honest opinion.**
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