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Madelyn Rosenberg has kindly agreed to guest post here about her experience co-writing Dream Boy with Mary Crockett.


 About The Authors:

marymadelynpub1Mary Crockett likes turtles, licorice, and the Yankees. Madelyn Rosenberg likes cats, avocados, and the Red Sox. Luckily they both like the weirdness of dreams (and each other) enough to write novels together. The friendship has survived three moves, six kids and countless manuscript revisions. Madelyn lives just outside of Washington, D.C. Mary remains in the mountains near their hometowns in southwestern Virginia. You can find them on Twitter @marylovesbooks and @madrosenberg or their blogs at and

The book was always Dream Boy. DB for short, but Dream Boy from the beginning. We figured the title would change. Titles morph for lots of books and my own previous books were no exception. What to Give a Tree (lamest title ever) became Happy Birthday, Tree, and Bitty became Canary in the Coal Mine, for example. So of course Dream Boy would become something else, too. Except it didn’t, because the nickname Mary Crockett and I had given our manuscript turned out to be the right one.
Mary and I argued about a number of things when we were writing this book: plot, characters, appearances. But we never argued about the title and for once, we remember the story exactly the same way: It had always been Dream Boy and when the time came to discuss what we were going to call this thing we’d been working on for two years, one of us said something like: “Maybe Dream Boy is the title.” And the other said “yup,” and that was it, as organic as peas. Or blueberries, which taste better than peas. We liked it because it seemed simple. It could be taken at its most literal or most ironic. And the meaning changed slightly as you moved along through the book.
Along with marking the first time an editor didn’t insist on changing my original title, Dream Boy also marked the first time I worked with a writing partner on a manuscript. I’ve written with other journalists before, on short projects and long ones, but never on anything as long as this. There were moments of frustration and of yelling ACK (a word we are allowed to use again, now that the Cathy cartoon is no longer being published), but on the whole, it was an incredible experience. Mary would write a chapter, and I’d pick up where she left off. Each chapter was like a conversation. It was great to be able to bounce things back and forth, to second guess and reaffirm, and to solve some of life’s other problems along the way, even if we did carry on, at times, like an old married couple. It’s made the publicity part of all of this fun and it’s made our friendship deeper. It’s like one of those ceremonies you have when you’re a kid, where you prick your fingers and become blood sisters. We swapped words instead of blood, but it sealed our friendship, just the same.
About The Book:

Title: Dream Boy
Authors: Mary Crockett & Madelyn Rosenberg
Publication Date: July 1, 2014

If dreams can come true…then so can nightmares.

One night Annabelle dreams of the perfect boy: tall and handsome with impossible blue eyes. Then, just as suddenly as he appeared, he’s gone…until he walks into her science class the next day. Perfect and REAL. The boy of her dreams. And when he brushes past her, he whispers “Annabelle.” Suddenly, Annabelle’s got the perfect boyfriend and a date to homecoming. Her life is like a dream come true…until her dreams stop and the nightmares begin.


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 Book Excerpt:

I’ve always been a dreamer. Daydreams. Night dreams. Dreams of grandeur and dreams of escape. If I were an onion and you peeled back the papery outside, you’d find layer after layer of eye- watering dreams. And in the center, where there’s that little curlicue of onion heart? There’d be a puff of smoke from the dreams that burned away.
It was all just brain waves, I thought— disconnected, like the notebook that my friend Talon keeps. She draws a line down the middle of the page; on the right she writes everything she remembers about a dream, and on the left she puts notes about the stuff that’s happening in real life, things that might trigger her subconscious. Reality on one side, dreams on the other—a  clear line between the two.
But it turns out there are no clear lines, just a jumble of what is and what might be. And all of it is real.

Book Trailer:

Dream Boy (Book Trailer) – Mary Crockett & Madelyn Rosenberg from Mary Crockett on Vimeo.



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