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Patty Blount has kindly agreed to guest post here about her work, and share her inspiration for her new release, Some Boys.


 About The Author:

Technical writer by day, fiction writer by night, Patty mines her day job for ideas to use in her novels. Her debut YA “Send” was born after a manager suggested she research social networks. Patty adores chocolate, her boys, and books, though not necessarily in that order.

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Why Some Boys is a story I had to write


Rape is a despicable crime made worse by the popular pastime that holds victims accountable for the crime committed against them. You shouldn’t have been jogging alone, you shouldn’t have worn that outfit, those shoes, that dress, you shouldn’t have gotten drunk, you shouldn’t have teased him, you shouldn’t…

Rape is the only crime where the public genuinely feels terrible for the accused’s ‘ruined life’.

I was watching a sports event recently during which several adult beverage commercials were aired and every one of them ended with the reminder to ‘don’t drink and drive’.

Don’t drink and drive is good sound advice, don’t you agree? If you ignore it, you could end up hurting somebody and ruining your future.

Imagine surviving a wreck caused by a drunk driver. You’ve lost your car. You’re recovering from painful injuries. Frightening ones, no doubt. Now imagine people you know – even people you don’t know – looking at your wrecked car and raising an eyebrow and saying things like this:

  • “That’s not the car you were driving, is it? Well, no wonder.”
  • “You shouldn’t have been driving down that street alone.”
  • “Well, look at your driving record. It was just a matter of time.”


Ridiculous, right?


Let’s go one step further… now imagine social media sharing pictures of your accident, your injuries, your painful recovery and complete strangers offering up their commentary.


  • “I have known that driver since pre-school and there is no way he drove drunk and caused that accident. She’s a liar!”
  • “He’s a good person. A nice guy. He doesn’t deserve to lose his license or go to prison for one mistake. She shouldn’t have been driving next to him.”


We put the blame for drunk driving accidents where it belongs – on the person who drove while drunk. So why don’t we blame rapists for rape? Why do we keep blaming victims?


I followed the news from Steubenville with a growing sense of dismay. Not only was the victim blamed repeatedly for the crime committed against her, members of the media actually expected us – the public – to feel sorry for the boys who assaulted her and the lives they’ll never get to lead.


In the time since that trial, there have been more rape cases reported with worse outcomes. Cases like Rehtaeh Parsons, which ended in suicide, or Daisy Coleman, who was even driven off the road by supporters of her attacker.


I don’t know about you, but stories like these make my blood boil. I don’t care if the accuser works as a prostitute, behavior, history, and attire do not excuse rape. And let’s be clear on this  — the tendency for victim-blaming is exactly that: attempts to excuse rape.


There is no excuse.


And that’s when I decided I had to write a story about a girl who may not be so good and a boy who had a great life to look forward to. I wanted the story to show you everyone affected – the families, the accuser and the accused and the sides taken in their battle. I wanted to write a story that asked the uncomfortable questions and pissed you off when the answers weren’t the ones you’d have given.


I wanted to write a story that did not provide an excuse for rape.

About the Book:

Title: Some Boys
Author: Patty Blount
Publication Date: August 5, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Some girls say no. Some boys don’t listen.

When Grace meets Ian, she’s afraid. Afraid he’ll reject her like the rest of the school, like her own family. After she accuses Zac, the town golden boy, of rape, everyone turns against her. Ian wouldn’t be the first to call her a slut and a liar.

Except Ian doesn’t reject her. He’s the one person who looks past the taunts and the names and the tough-girl act to see the real Grace. He’s the one who gives her the courage to fight back.

He’s also Zac’s best friend.

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