Whisper the Dead Review by Alyxandra Harvey

20601784Title: Whisper the Dead

Author: Alyxandra Harvey

Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens

Format: eBook Publication Date: October 9, 2014

Overall:4 out of 5

Source: NetGalley


Gretchen is struggling with her newfound gift as a Whisperer; the constant buzzing in her ears from detecting spells is more frustrating than fun, especially when she is spending time with one of the Order of Iron Nail’s Keepers, the icy but strikingly handsome Tobias Lawless. But while Gretchen tries to hide the truth and resolve her feelings for him, London fades from beautiful and bustling to deathly silent …Something evil is once again menacing Mayfair, and Gretchen and her cousins must use their powers to prevent a horrible sacrifice. This second book in the Lovegrove Legacy trilogy is full of dark twists, spellbinding suspense and sweeping romance – perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare, Lauren Kate and Ruth Warburton








Whisper the Heart was a good sequel, the review for the first book, A Breath of Frost can be found here. I thought Gretchen was the best to read about so far, although I’m not holding high hopes for the next book which I would imagine is from Penelope’s point of view.

Gretchen is fun and spunky, I enjoyed that her sassiness. She wasn’t afraid to be herself, even if it wasn’t considered proper or ladylike in this timeframe. Gretchen did quite a bit of growing up in this book, not that she was really immature, but she I think has definitely become more reserved and less boastful of her many talents. Tobias was an interesting addition to the book, and I think he is the perfect counterpart to Gretchen’s wildness. I do think that it will be interesting to see these two together in the next book.

Emma really just keeps getting slammed with bad luck. First with her antlers, and then in this book even more bad luck falls upon her. Emma always handles it with grace and humor though, and it was so nice to read of her and Cormac together.

This book seemed a little redundant because the big bad in this book was the same as in A Breath of Frost. I was hoping for a new villain, however there was a twist in this book that does leave me excited for the next one. This book had a bit of a cliffhanger, but it wasn’t like a pull-your-hair-out kind of cliffhanger. Just be warned if cliffhangers aren’t your thing.

I would give 4 out of 5 stars for this book because of the reasons mentioned above. I think that there is a lot of story left to tell, and so I am looking forward to the next book. I highly recommend this book for readers who like Victorian romance or paranormal romance.




4/5 – An Enjoyable Read, Well Written

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