Claudine by Barbara Palmer Review


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Title: Claudine

Author: Barbara Palmer

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Format: eBook

Publication Date: September 2, 2014

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Source: Edelweiss


Maria Lantos is a post grad Yale student researching illicit 18th-century literature. She’s become exceptionally well-versed in the narratives of classic erotic fantasy. She’s also Claudine, an in-demand escort specializing in sexual role play for an elite clientele. Anonymous. Satisfying. And discreet. Until the tenuous separation between her worlds starts to crack. It begins with the murder of a stranger. Where it leads is to two men who will test Maria’s limits of control and awaken her own sexual desires. As her private nights bleed into day, Maria will discover the dangerous places that extend beyond the imagination, and secrets no longer consigned to the dark.



Claudine was a great adult novel. Normally I have a hard time with adult novels, because the adults feel one-dimensional, and the plots are not well thought out. This book definitely didn’t have those problems, it was well written and the characters read like they were normal people.

Maria was incredibly interesting, her origins were horrific even though she ended up being adopted by a woman that tried to give her a better life. Maria begins to be stalked by someone who knows more about her past than she would like, and is a definitive creeper. Just as Maria feels she is safe, her past comes swooping in and causing her to be in danger again.

Throughout the book Adrian her bodyguard is a constant safe place. It was nice that she had them, because the rest of her life was kind of a tawdry business. He was the only one who didn’t look at her like she was somehow damaged from her profession. Maria was damaged, but that came long before she was old enough to make a decision.

This book in many ways reminded me of Scruples by Jayne Krentz. There were many scenes that were very detailed in her work as an escort/performer. It didn’t necessarily detract from the book, although it was more detail than I needed, and I did end up skimming those scenes. The mystery and whodunit in this book surprised me. I always enjoy not being able to guess the mystery. I would give the book 4 out of 5 stars.




4/5 – An Enjoyable Read, Well Written

**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I did not receive monetary compensation from it.**


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