His Reverie by Monica Murphy Review


Title: His Reverie

Author: Monica Murphy

Publisher: Monica Murphy

Format: eBook

Publication Date: July 28, 2014

Overall: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Source: NetGalley


I knew from the moment I first saw her she was the one. The only girl I could ever want. The only girl I could ever love. She is light. I am darkness. She is innocent. I’ve done too much. She is good. I am bad. She is my every dream. I should be her every nightmare. We come from different worlds. She’s…perfect. And I’m… Not. Somehow she wants me anyway. So we’ll grasp at what we can. We’re going to make this summer count. She’s my secret. And I’m hers. The problem with secrets is they never last for long. And when others discover we’re together, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep us apart. All I know is: I won’t let them. Because Reverie Hale? She’s mine.





I really enjoyed Monica Murphy’s other series, including One Week Girlfriend, but this book left me wanting. I think the plot had potential, but in reality it just fell flat.

Reverie came across more as a 12 year old. I think the diary entries ended up hurting this book, because it really made Reverie seem far too young for the kind of relationship Nick was wanting. I know Reverie was supposed to seem innocent and naïve, but she came across as unintelligent. She seriously reminded me of my 13 year old sister-in-law, all unicorns and rainbows. It was kind of horrifying to read.

Nick is really not the kind of boy that Reverie should be dating, and I know it’s supposed to be a forbidden romance type book, but I can honestly see why they shouldn’t. It has nothing to do with social status, and everything to do with maturity levels. If Reverie seemed younger than her 17 years, Nick seemed older than his. Maybe it had to with the fact that he was in jail, and grew up in a rough neighborhood. He just seemed shady and waaaaay too old for Reverie. Not that he was wanting to play games, but it just seemed like a huge gap.

Reverie never had to worry about money, food, or any kind of responsibility. I’m not saying her life was easy, but it was very very different. Nick had to rely on himself to make sure that he was taken care of, and I’m not sure how Reverie will fit into that picture. Also, Nick was always complaining about his hard life, and that got annoying. I know he got dealt a bad hand, but I wanted him to man up and actually work on getting himself out.

Overall, I felt like this book had great potential, but it just wasn’t executed very well. I had much higher hopes for this book considering Monica Murphy’s previous works. I’d give this 2.5 stars, and I might pick up the next installment, but only to see if it redeems this book.




2.5 Stars (Some Issues)

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