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LuciansSoulLucian’s Soul

Hazel Gower


Release Date: February 12, 2015


Genre: Erotic Romance, M/F, Para Demons/Angels


Publisher: ARe


Book Description:


Since the beginning of time, humanity has made one fatal mistake… Angels and demons are not who humans think they are.


For millennia it has been up to the king of the demons, Lucian, to save humans and shifters from the horrors the angels inflict upon the world and the innocents living within it.


He’s grown weary of the war and his passion for saving his charges has faded. But there is hope. It is said when the angels are close to achieving their goal, and Lucifer himself barely cares anymore, the tides will turn and love will cure all. Lucifer will find his one. His soul mate. A mate who will love him unconditionally, lending him strength and power more deadly than anyone could imagine. And now…that time has come.




Lucian’s Soul was an interesting book, and I liked Tessa. It just fell a little flat for me. I love quick romantic reads, but this one moved TOO fast. Tessa literally walks in on him having a 4 way, and then he’s proclaiming his love and BAM they’re together. Because this book moved too fast, Lucian just came across as a stalker, and I was repulsed several times by his “MINE” behavior. It was too fast, and not at all sweet like I would want. Then there was some craziness involving Tessa running, showing back several months later, and well just take a guess what’s next. It just moved too quickly, and I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I would have liked. I felt like this story had good potential, and the premise with demons being the good guys, and angels the bad guys was interesting. It just didn’t really work for me. 3 out of 5 stars.







About the Author:

Hazel Gower is the mother of four terrors between the ages of four and nine. She started writing down her story ideas in high school, and never really stopped. Writing is her salvation. After she’s gotten all the kids in bed and has cleaned up, she sits at the computer, or sometimes with a notebook and a pencil, to relax, write, and escape.





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