Paperweight by Meg Haston

PaperweightTitle: Paperweight

Author: Meg Haston

Publisher:  HarperTeen

Format: eBook

Publication Date: July 5, 2015

Overall: 2 out of 5 stars.

Source: Edelweiss

Seventeen-year-old Stevie is trapped. In her life. And now in an eating-disorder treatment center on the dusty outskirts of the New Mexico desert.

Life in the center is regimented and intrusive, a nightmare come true. Nurses and therapists watch Stevie at mealtime, accompany her to the bathroom, and challenge her to eat the foods she’s worked so hard to avoid.

Her dad has signed her up for sixty days of treatment. But what no one knows is that Stevie doesn’t plan to stay that long. There are only twenty-seven days until the anniversary of her brother Josh’s death—the death she caused. And if Stevie gets her way, there are only twenty-seven days until she too will end her life.


I read this book entirely in one sitting, and it absolutely consumed me and dragged me into Stevie’s world. I’m not joking, my husband talked to me for 5 minutes before I realized that he was talking to me (it might have helped if he’d said my name). Stevie and her tragic story were just engrossing from beginning to end, this story doesn’t pull any punches from the beginning and I can’t remember the last time a Young Adult story this series came across as sincere. Most of the time these stories are full of cliche’s and the characters don’t feel real.

Stevie felt real to me, her illogical thought process are exactly the kind of thing that is so hard to argue with when you have a mental illness. You can recognize its not necessarily true, but it’s true to you and that’s all that matters and you will do anything that you think is right. I thought the process of showing how slowly Stevie came to her decision about investing in treatment was perfect. I’m not sure that I would have picked up this book if I had really understood how it was going to be written, but I’m glad I did. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

044/5 – An Enjoyable Read, Well Written

**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I did not receive monetary compensation from it.**

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