Black Hearts by Karina Halle Review

Black Heart title 2BHTitle: Black Hearts

Author: Karina Halle

Publisher:  Metal Blonde Book

Format: eBook

Publication Date: February 19, 2017

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars 

Source: Author/Publisher

Black Hearts is a BRAND NEW STANDALONE DUET – the second book and conclusion, Dirty Souls, releases March 17th.

For Vicente Bernal, truth is all he’s known. The son of an infamous drug lord, Vicente was born to help run the family business, which means he’s been raised on a throne of sordid pasts and dirty laundry, violence and pride. But when Vicente stumbles across someone he’s not supposed to know about – a woman from his father’s checkered past – he sets out to California to find her behind his father’s back.

What Vicente doesn’t expect to find in San Francisco is Violet McQueen, the woman’s twenty-year old daughter. Beautiful and edgy with a vulnerability he can’t resist, Violet tempts Vicente from afar and though he promised himself he’d stay away from her, curiosity and lust are powerful forces. Besides, Vicente has always gotten everything he wants – why shouldn’t he have Violet too?

Soon his wants turn into an obsession, one that sweeps Violet into his games as they fall madly, deeply in love with each other, the type of first love that can drive a person mad.

But it’s a love with tragic consequences.

Both the truth – and the lies – not only threaten to tear them apart, but threaten their very lives.

Someone has to pay for the sins of the fathers.

And they’ll be paying the price with their souls.

Black Hearts is a BRAND NEW STANDALONE DUET – the second book and conclusion, Dirty Souls, releases March 17th.

reviewI’m a huge fan of this author, and one of my favorite trilogies that she’s written was The Artist’s Trilogy. This book is about the children of those characters, and it is phenomenal. You definitely don’t need to read the other series in order to get this one (I’m not joking, if this is your kind of book just read it). This book was heartstoppingly fastpaced, with little breaks of getting witness Violet and Vicente at their sweetest.

I love the way Karina Halle writes these characters in their damaged glory. There are characters with flaws that you feel bad for, and then there is Violet and Vicente. They embrace their darker side, they understand that while they have it, it doesn’t have to own them. Honestly it’s beautiful to read about Violet’s strugges with being sensitive, and her realization that most people don’t view the world as she does. She learns to just let the other people be, even when it impacts her. Then there is Vicente who is not sensitive, who is tough and cruel, and somehow sees Violet’s tenderness and strength and finds it in him to care. It’s really captivating to read about.

Then I realize that paragraph makes Violet sound like some kind of fragile girl who can’t be around others, and who needs them to take care of her. Which is so far from the opposite of who she is, that it’s laughable. At one point in this book Violet defends herself so throughly that I dare anyone to say she needs someone to protect her. Vicente wants too, but he soon realizes that if she might let him protect her but she doesn’t NEED his protection.

Seeing the other characters in this book was also wonderful. Ellie and Camden, Javier and Luisa. I do enjoy them and was happy they all got their stories, but in this case I wanted to slap them all. I think it’s a testament to Karina Halle’s writing that she wrote 2 successful trilogies about those couples and I adored the characters, and I really dislike them all right now because Vicente and Violet are such strong characters.

There are a few things that I’m dying to find out in Dirty Souls. Who is following Violet? Is Javier as evil as we think? Will Luisa go mama bear on us? These are all things I’m anxiously awaiting to find out. The good news? DIRTY SOULS COMES OUT IN MARCH. You only have to wait a month in order to get your anxiety taken care of. I actually really liked this model. It’s enough time to make feel that cliffhanger, but not so long that I forget what’s happened and stop caring. Brilliant. Oh, and 5 out of 5 stars for being an amazing piece of writing.


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