Dirty Souls by Karina Halle Review

Title: Dirty Souls

Author: Karina Halle

Publisher:  Metal Blonde Books

Format: eBook

Publication Date: March 20, 2017 

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars 

Source: Author/Publisher

From New York Times bestselling author Karina Halle comes DIRTY SOULS the much-anticipated, nail-biting conclusion to Black Hearts…

Violet McQueen has always been a sensitive soul. Troubled and misunderstood, she never realized her place in the world, nor her true potential…until she met Vicente Bernal.

From birth, Vicente Bernal has always known his place in the world – he’s been groomed to be a ruthless king. Yet for a man whose soul has become morally bankrupt, it’s only through Violet he’s realizing the worth of someone’s heart.

But at what cost?

With a deadly game set in motion taking them from the stark deserts of California to the steamy jungles of Mexico, Violet and Vicente’s forbidden relationship will be put to the test. Boundaries will be pushed, lines will be crossed and souls will get very, very dirty.

Because how do you choose between blood and love when both might get you killed?

This book had my heart in my throat from beginning to end. I love Violet and Vicente’s relationship, and I love how different they are from their parents. Javier Bernal has always intrigued me although saying that I ‘like’ him is a bit of a stretch considering how evil and horrible he can be. This book really shows his dark side, in a more personal way than other books. In the previous books, he was always dark and terrible but it wasn’t terribly personal. His vendetta against Ellie that stretches to Violet is intensely personal, and there is one scene with Violet where I found myself stunned and shocked beyond belief. I never expected that Javier would go there, and I was genuinely shocked. I also had some serious issues with Luisa, as a mother and a woman. I’ve always mostly liked her but by the end of this book I wanted her to go down with Javier. I’m a mama bear like Ellie, and I can’t imagine just letting my child go through the things that Luisa lets Vicente go through.

Which leads me to the McQueens. Oh how I love the McQueens, they are the original characters that drew me to this author and I adore Ellie and Camden. Their wickedness but also their good hearts. Despite some genuinely poor decisions in their youth, they are good people and I’m so glad that they got their moments to shine in this story. Ben also had a few wonderful moments in this story that made me grin and feel vaguely proud for that character. But Ellie. Oh Ellie. This wonderful woman is such a good mom even if she doesn’t think so. I totally see myself in her, I’ve identified with this character from the start but as a mom I totally understand her choices with Violet and Ben. I don’t agree with the secrets because it always ends badly, but I understand her desire to protect them. It wasn’t born out of anything but a need to protect them and keep them safe.

Then there are Violet and Vicente. This relationship is so passionate and pure that it leaves you rooting for them even though you know it has to end badly. Dirty Souls shows you just how bad it will get, but in the end they are together and I love that. Plus, they have this honesty to their relationship that reminds me alot of Ellie and Camden’s. There are no secrets between them and so they can trust one another fully, but there’s is a much more pure love because there were never any other people that came close to capturing either heart. I thought this was a great ending to this dualogy. 5 out of 5 stars.


**Please Note: This review is my honest opinion and I did not receive monetary compensation from it.**

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“I want you to promise not to hurt her.”
There. Something terrifying flashes across his eyes. Just for a second. Like witnessing a lightning strike
But it leaves a permanent imprint behind my eyes. Remorse. Fucking remorse. He has already hurt her. Everything inside me dies.
“What did you do?” I whisper.

-Karina Halle, Dirty Souls