Broken by Karin Slaughter Review

Title: Broken
Author: Karin Slaughter
Narrator: Natalie Ross
Publisher:  Delacorte Press
Format: Audiobook
Publication Date: 6/22/2010
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
Source: Libby (Overdrive)
New York Times bestseller Karin Slaughter set some of her most loved thrillers in Grant County. In Broken, Sara Linton returns to see her family in Grant, the place where she suffered her greatest loss. Her past life as the town’s medical examiner won’t let her go, however, as she is asked to consult with a young prisoner accused of murder. The alleged crimes wrench at Sara, but the apparent police cover-up sends her to the phone, bringing in Will Trent from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. In a case that takes countless breathtaking turns, Slaughter, “at the summit of the school of writers specializing in forensic medicine and terror,” (The Times [London]) mines to the core of her characters to find a story that is startlingly sinister, and irrepressibly human.

This book was really difficult for me because I had so many mixed emotions. I want to be mad at Lena for what happened in Beyond Reach, but at the same time her life was not worth less than Jeffrey’s, and I strongly believe she would have died if she’d stayed with Ethan. That being said I understand Sara’s rage and anger against her. I also DO NOT LIKE that she is with a certain person. That person deserves far far better than Lena Adams. Lena deserves to be happy, but all I can think is that she will drag him down into her world of gray morality.

I loved this book for what it brought to Sara. A sense of closure, an understanding that although she loved Jeffrey that part of her life was in the past and should remain there. That she should move on and find love however that may happen. I loved that Will got to see Sara in a more vulnerable light. Those conversations in the kitchen of the Linton house were absolutely invaluable in learning more about these characters. Which is funny because I’ve been with Sara now for 8 long books, and I’m still learning new things about her.

I loved this book despite it’s flaws and the presence of Lena. I still don’t know how I feel about her. I think I’m ready for Lena to go away however that needs to happen. 4 out of 5 stars.

4/5 – An Enjoyable Read, Well Written

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She realized that Will hadn’t looked at her once since walking into the room. He had such an air of defeat about him, as if every word that came from his mouth caused him pain.”
― Karin Slaughter, Broken