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 – A –

Agnew, Paige – Seven
Armentrout, Jennifer L. – Sentinel
Armstrong, Kelley – Loki’s Wolves
Armstrong, Kelley – Spell Bound
Ashcroft, Blue- Deeper

 – B –

Baggott, Julianna – Fuse
Baggott, Julianna – Burn
Bardugo, Leigh- Siege and Storm
Bishara, Cristin- Relativity
Bishop, Anne – Murder of Crows
Blake, Tamara – Slumber
Blount, Patty – Send
Boyd, Maria – Will
Bracken, Alexandra – Never Fade
BBrown, Stacey Marie – Darkness of Light
Buckley, Jaime – Prelude To A Hero (Guest Review)

 – C –

Cameron, Chelsea M.- Deeper We Fall
Cameron, Erica – Sing Sweet Nightingale
Caletti, Deb – Stay
Carter, Ally – Out of Sight, Out of Time
Carson, Rae- The Bitter Kingdom
Casella, Jody – Thin Space
Cass, Kiera – Elite
Cass, Kiera – The One
Castellucci, Cecil – First Day on Earth
Cavanaugh, Alex J. – CassaStar
Clare, Cassandra – City of Heavenly Fire
Cole, Courtney- Before We Fall
Coleman, Rebecca – The Kingdom of Childhood
Collins, B.R. – Tyme’s End
Cook, Eileen – The Education of Hailey Kendrick
Cook, Trish- A Really Awesome Mess
Cooley, Mike – The Crystal Warrior (Guest Review)
Coriell, Shelby- Goodbye, Rebel Blue
Cross, Kady – The Girl With the Windup Heart
Crowley, Cath – Graffiti Moon
Curley, Marianne – Hidden
Czerneda, Julie E. – A Turn of Light

 – D –

De Gramont, Nina – The Boy I Love
Dennard, Susan – A Darkness Strange and Lovely
Dennard, Susan – Strange and Ever After
Dessen, Sarah – The Moon and More
Dixon, Heather – Entwined
Doller, Trish – Where The Stars Still Shine
Duncan, Katlyn – Soul Possessed
Duncan, Katlyn – Soul Betrayed

 – E –

Elkeles, Simone – Wild Cards
Evangelista, Kate – Til Death

 – F –



 – G –

Gaiman, Neil- The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Gaither, Stefanie – Falls the Shadow
Garber, Claire – Love is a Theif
Gardner, Scot – The Dead I Know
Gaylin, Alison- Reality Ends Here
Gehrman, Jody – Babe in Boyland
Gier, Kerstin – Ruby Red
Glines, Abbi – Fallen Too Far
Glines, Abbi – Never Too Far
Glines, Abby – Forever Too Far
Glines, Abby – Misbehaving
Goodman, H. A. – LOGIC OF DEMONS: The Quest For Nadine’s Soul
Goodman, H. A. – LOGIC OF DEMONS: Breaking The Devil’s Heart
Graham, Genevieve – Under The Same Sky
Graham, Genevieve – Sound of The Heart
Graham, Stacey – The Girls’ Ghost Hunting Guide
Graham, Riley- Accidents & Incidents 

 – H –

Halle, Karina – Bold Tricks
Halle, Karina – The Devil’s Reprise
Halle, Karina – Shooting Scars
Halle, Karina – Donners of the Dead
Han, Jenny – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
Hanley, Victoria – Wild Ink: Success Secrets to Writing and Publishing in the Young Adult Market 
Harkness, Deborah – A Discovery of Witches
Harper, DaniChangeling Dream
Harper, DaniChangeling Moon
Harrington, Kim – Clarity
Harvey- Alyxandra – A Breath of Frost 
Hawkins, Rachel – Demonglass
Hawkins, Rachel – Hex Hall
Hawkins, Rachel – Spell Bound
Hawkins, Rachel – School Spirits
Heaton, Felicity – Her Wicked Angel
Heaton, Felicity – Kissed by a Dark Prince
Hodkin, Michelle – The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Hook, Holly – Tempest (Guest Review)
Hooper, Karen Amanda – Fighting for Infinity
Hopkins, Ellen – Triangles
Howard, Amalie – The Almost Girl 
Howard, A.G. – Unhinged
Hubbard, Jenny – Paper Covers Rock
Hunt, by Lynda Mullaly – One For The Murphys
Hynes, Darren – Creeps

 – I –


 – J –

Jamison, Erin – Better Than 8 (Guest Review)
James, Peter- Perfect People
Jarzab, Anna – All Unquiet Things
Jayne, Hannah- Truly Madly Deadly
Jayne, Hannah – Under Wraps
Jonach, Ingrid – When the World Was Flat (and we were in love)
Jones, Sharon – DDed Silenth

 – K –

Karchut, Darby – Griffin Rising (Guest Review)
Karras, AllisonDrowning In The Dark (Guest Review) 
Kittle, Katrina Reasons To Be Happy
Kraus, Nicola- Between You and Me
Kuipers, Alice – The Worst Thing She Ever Did

 – L –

Laibach, Helen – A Soul Less Broken (Guest Review)
Lauren, Christina – Sublime
Lond, Laura – My Sparkling Misfortune (Guest Review)
Lorenzo, D.D. – Positive/Negativity
Lorenzo, D.D. – Selective/Memory
Lyga, Barry – I Hunt Killers

 – M –

MacManus, Sarah – Dreamwalk
Mafi, Tehereh – Shatter Me
Mafi, Tehereh – Ignite Me
Marchesi, P.H.CShelby & Shauna Kitt and The Dimensional Holes
Marr, Melissa – Graveminder
Marsh, Nicola – Banish
McCarthy, Erin – Believe
McGarry, Katie – Crash Into You
McGuire, Seanan – Discount Armageddon (Guest Review)
McLaughlin, Emma – Between You and Me
McKellar, Lauren K – Finding Home
McNeil, Gretchen – Ten
McRae, Killian – A Love by Any Measure
Mead, Richelle – Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X #1)
Meadows, Jodi – Asunder
Meadows, Jodi – Infinite
Metcalf, Karen – In The Storm
Merton, Orren – The Deviant
Mesina, LeyReborn: Goddess of Night (Book 1)
Miles, Cindy – Forevermore
Miles, Elizabeth – Fury
Mitchell, Saundra – The Elementals
Mousner, T.R. Being (Guest Review)
Murphy, Monica – Three Broken Promises
Myers, Kate Kae – The Vanishing Game

 – N –

Nader, Elisa – Escape From Eden
Newman, Emma- Between Two Thorns
Nicholson, Scott – Transparent Lovers (Guest Review)
Nicholson, Scott – October Girls (Guest Review)

 – O –

Oakes, Colleen – Queen of Hearts
Oliver, Lauren – Pandemonium
O’Rourke, Erica – Dissonance

 – P –

Paille, Rhiannon – Flame of Surrender
Particka, Julie – Pretty Souls: Paranormal Response Team (Book 1)
Patrick, Cat – Forgotten
Patrick, Coleen – Come Back To Me
Patrick, Elyssa – Stay With Me
Pearce, Bryony – The Weight of Souls
Perry, Jolene – The Summer I Found You
Pescatore, Lori – Human Blend
Pescatore, Lori – Earth Blend
Pescatore, Lori – Terminal Blend
Piacente, Steve – Bella
Piacente, Steve – Bootlicker
Pike, Aprilynne – Sleep No More
Plum, Amy – After The End
Poitevin, Linda – Sins of the Angels
Poitevin, Linda – Sins of the Son
Prendergast, R. L. – Dinner With Lisa

 – Q –


 – R –

Rae, Nikki – Sun Damage
Reeves, Dia – Slice of Cherry
Redmerski, J.A.- The Edge of Always 
Redmerski, J.A.- Song of the Fireflies 
Reine, S.M.- Paradise Damned 
Reine, S.M.- Torn by Fury
Rennison, Louise – Withering Tights
Romig, Aleatha – Consequences
Roth, Veronica – Divergent
Roth, Veronica – Insurgent
Rowe, Brian – Happy Birthday To Me (Guest Review)

 – S –

Scheets, Shauna – Ascha 
Scheets, Shauna – The Tower of Boran
Schindler, Holly – Playing Hurt
Schumann, Gloria – Called Home: Two Hearts Answer (Guest Review) 
Scott, Elizabeth – Heartbeat
Scott, Victoria – Fire & Flood
Shirvington, Jessica – Endless 
Shirvington, Jessica – Empower
Slatton, Traci L. – Fallen
Smith, John – Delayed Flight
Smith, John – Finding Katie
Snyder, Maria – Taste of Darkness
Soren, Sasha – Random Magic
Sorensen, Jessica – Breaking Nova
Sorensen, Jessica – The Redemption of Callie and Kayden
Sorensen, Jessica – The Temptation of Lila and Ethan
Sorensen, Jessica – Saving Quinton
Spencer, Kimberly – Shimmerspell (Guest Review) 
Spencer, Kimberly – Limerick (Guest Review) 
Stanton, Angie – Royally Lost
Stracher, Cameron – Water Wars
Strange, Liz – My Love Eternal (The Dark Kiss Trilogy: Book 1)
Strange, Liz – A Second Chance at Forever (The Dark Kiss Trilogy: Book 2)
Summers, Courtney – This Is Not A Test
Sutton, Kelsey – Where Silence Gathers

 – T –

Tamaki, Mariko – (You) Set Me on Fire
Tardif, Cheryl Kaye – Divine Intervention (Guest Review)
Taylor, Laini – Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Taylor, Laini – Days of Bloog and Starlight
Taylor, Laini – Dreams of Gods and Monsters
Telly, J.J. – Panjandrum (Guest Review)
Terrill, Cristin – All Our Yesterdays
Townsend, Angela – Amarok
Tuck, James R. – That Thing at the Zoo
Tucker, K.A. – Four Seconds to Lose
Tucker, K.A. – One Tiny Lie 
Turner, Suzy – Raven

 – U –


 – V –

Van Dyken, Rachel – Elect 
Van Dyken, Rachel – The Wager
Valente, Catherynne M. –  The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland
Valente, Catherynne M. – The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There
Vaughn, Carrie – Steel

 – W –

Walker, Kelly- No One’s Angel
Walters, Ednah – Kiss Me Crazy
Walton, Leslye- The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender 
Wells, Mike – Wild Child (Guest Review)
Weston, Paula – Shadows
Whipple, Natalie- Transparent
White, Kiersten- The Chaos of Stars
White, Kiersten- Mind Games
White, Kiersten – Supernaturally
Workinger, Shelley – Solid (Guest Review)
Wolf, Jennifer Shaw – Breaking Beautiful
Wolf, Jennifer Shaw- Dead Girls Don’t Lie
Wolfe, S.A.- Fearsome 
Wright, Jennifer – The Birth of Jaiden 
Wyler, Allen – Dead Ringer
Wyler, Allen – Dead End Deal

 – X –


 – Y –

Yancey, Rick – The 5th Wave
Young, Samantha – Smokeless Fire

 – Z –



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